How we started

The year was 2013 – Justin, a keen software engineer buried behind his screen, while his older brother Todd was running a crash investigations business. The world was their oyster! Or more so, through Todd’s investigations work, he saw an opportunity for a GPS offering that catered more to smaller businesses than what was available at the time.

While keeping their day-jobs, Todd and Justin dedicated their time after-hours to refining their ideas and developing the very first take of Fleetpin – which some customers still remember to this day. Their homes became their drawing boards, test benches, and stock houses. We have confirmation from a reliable source that the kids were even given pocket money to program a device or two. So with Todd’s brawn and Justin’s brains, Fleetpin was born.

Where we are today

Actively involved in the business, Justin and Todd still nurse their brain child with help from an additional 16 team members (and growing).

Whether our customers have one device or five hundred, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them driving us to collaboratively innovate and further develop Fleetpin’s Application. Some of our greatest features have come from our customers sharing a problem they’re experiencing, and Fleetpin endeavouring to solve it.

We value our founding ethos in delivering clear benefits to our customers through our technology and solutions, and remaining transparent in our approach. The success of our customers is the success of Fleetpin.

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Our People

Fleetpin is now home to 20 team members each part of dedicated in-house departments including; software development, customer success, sales and marketing, and accounts.

Meet the Team