Fleetpin’s benefits for Machinery and Hire

  • Hour-metre readings and reports for invoicing purposes
  • Locate trucks, excavators, and rollers at a glance
  • Create custom compliance or maintenance reminders
  • Monitor use of machine attachments or features using auxiliary GPS tracker inputs
  • Utilise Immobilisation functions for unauthorised machine use
  • Improve efficiency with detailed idle and activity reports
  • Use geofenced locations to know when your machines enter/exit work sites
  • Anti-theft/anti-tamper alerts to be immediately notified if your machine has been moved or tampered with.
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Fleetpin for Machinery & Hire

No matter where your assets are or what they are, Fleetpin has you covered. Fleetpin’s anti-theft and anti-tamper alerts notify when machine use is detected, or the machine / equipment is transported outside of a given location. Geofences can also assist in notifying when an asset has entered/exit a job site. Machine Utilisation Reporting provides useful productivity and idle time data to ensure that machines are being used efficiently. Explore Fleetpin to experience the benefits of GPS Tracking for yourself!

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