As a subsidiary to Fleetpin, Safetrax is accessible to Fleetpin customers as an added feature to their standard monthly GPS fleet tracking subscription.

There are three variants of Safetrax to cater to different use cases and cellular or satellite tracking factors.

Ask us about how Safetrax can be utilised across a range of vehicles including ground spreaders, tractors, ATVs, quad bikes and side-by-sides.

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Video Case Study: Dairy Holdings Limited

Jane Fowles, the Health and Safety Manager at Dairy Holdings, talks about how the business uses Safetrax to look after their people.


Safetrax Overview

Check out this video to get a basic overview of how Safetrax works.



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"Fleetpin's GPS units have been the best piece of equipment bought to date. We can correctly charge clients for time and mileage. The system pays for itself over and over again."

"We have installed Fleetpin GPS devices into all of our company vehicles and they have proven to be very beneficial. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to others."

"Great team of people. The company has a large focus on product development and are always rolling out new features, keeping ahead of the market whilst still being well priced - plus no contracts! Highly recommend Fleetpin for any of your GPS solutions!" [via Google]

“While Fleetpin has good pricing and a reliable system, Fleetpin’s got to be one of the best as far as customer service. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who is in New Zealand, better yet Christchurch, and pop in to visit, or the guys that will respond after hours, and it’s always very quick”

"We used Fleetpin to find our stolen ute... we love Fleetpin, it saves us on insurance and keeps us up-to-date with COF, Rego and Road User Charges too."

"We had one of our techs caught up in floods with multiple road closures on his way back from Tutukaka. He couldn't get onto Google Maps but was able to call, so I used Fleetpin to guide him to emergency accommodation. A great tool."