Fleetpin ticks all the boxes

Fleetpin's web and mobile app provide different GPS tracking options, as well as detailed reporting and alerts, and a variety of optional add-ons.

Know where they are

Fleetpin lets you see where all of your drivers, vehicles, machinery and equipment are in real-time, and control who sees what with a range of customisable administrative functions.

Know where they’ve been

Fleetpin provides a range a range of reports that allow you to focus on the data you need (and nothing you don’t) quickly and easily.

Know when you need to know

Create in-app, voice, email and text alerts to be notified about events that matter the most to your business.

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Supporting Kiwi businesses nationwide

As a business with humble beginnings, we understand that being able to trust and rely on people you do business with is essential.

Whether our customers have one device or five hundred, we wouldn’t be where we are today without them driving us to collaboratively innovate and further develop Fleetpin’s Application. Some of our greatest features have come from our customers sharing a problem they’re experiencing, and Fleetpin endeavouring to solve it.

Fleetpin is focused on developing mutually beneficial long lasting relationships and a community of like-minded businesses with our customers.

Hear it from our customers

We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with our customers. Supporting the productivity, efficiency and growth of their businesses is central to our values.

Case Studies

"Fleetpin has been a huge advantage to both myself and my Clients. Instant access to vehicle whereabouts, able to keep Clients up-to-date with arrival times, delays etc. and very useful for costings. The heads up for RUC’s, COF’s, Rego and Services are terrific."

"The reason I initially invested in GPS tracking was due to one of my trailer units being stolen. However, Fleetpin has also proven to be a great safety tool. People can always know where we are, providing some peace of mind when working in remote areas"

"Upon receiving a call that a ute had been stolen from a worksite in Rotorua, I hopped onto Fleetpin and could see the vehicle parked just 500 meters or so away. Our team parked nearby and waited for the police to arrive. The ute was recovered with no contents stolen as we were able to get onto it so quickly."

"We recently had someone crash into the back of one of our work vans. The person claimed our van was parked in the middle of the road and had pulled out in front of him causing the crash. By using Fleetpin, we were able to prove the speed and direction of the van, proving we were not in the wrong. This then allowed us to be paid out our excess."

"We used Fleetpin to find our stolen ute... we love Fleetpin, it saves us on insurance and keeps us up-to-date with COF, Rego and Road User Charges too."

"I'm enjoying using the system, i've mainly been using the mobile app to see where the guys are to advise customers how far away they are. It's very affordable for what it is."

"Great team of people. The company has a large focus on product development and are always rolling out new features, keeping ahead of the market whilst still being well priced - plus no contracts! Highly recommend Fleetpin for any of your GPS solutions!" [via Google]

"We had one of our techs caught up in floods with multiple road closures on his way back from Tutukaka. He couldn't get onto Google Maps but was able to call, so I used Fleetpin to guide him to emergency accommodation. A great tool."

"I had one of my utes stolen a couple of months ago and recovered it using the Fleetpin app. I was able to get a tracking report from Fleetpin that was passed on to the insurance company and police"

"Fleetpin's GPS units have been the best piece of equipment bought to date. We can correctly charge clients for time and mileage. The system pays for itself over and over again."

“While Fleetpin has good pricing and a reliable system, Fleetpin’s got to be one of the best as far as customer service. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who is in New Zealand, better yet Christchurch, and pop in to visit, or the guys that will respond after hours, and it’s always very quick”

"We have installed Fleetpin GPS devices into all of our company vehicles and they have proven to be very beneficial. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to others."

"On behalf of BCG Group / BCG Construction, Fleetpin has been a god send - we're able to pinpoint exactly where individual vehicles are at any time, reminds us when WoFs & car service due, can check online for vehicle odometer readings, we can tell if staff are driving over speed limit (which is a big no no for us), access to reporting, and more. All this info can be accessed online any time. Easy peasy." [via Google]

"I use Fleetpin for two different businesses, and it makes fleet management easy and allows me to get accurate man hours on each job site."

“Two people that sealed the deal for me was firstly Fleetpin’s sales rep, Pam Kemp. With the most amazing customer service, she made the whole process a breeze and was so helpful… then using a Fleetpin Preferred Installer, Rhooky from Anything Auto Electrical, who was so amazing the whole process, so easy”

"This product has been a game changer for our company and Fleetpin back it up with great support and communication" [via Google]

"Over the years I have had contact with Fleetpin, I've had the best customer experience every single time. Everybody falls over themselves to help, good customer service is becoming less and less common these days... Not once has anything been a problem."

"We lost a lot of cell phone cover on the farm following cyclone Gabriel, Fleetpin is simply fantastic when we need to track each other on the farm." [via Google]

"Our generator was stolen by some local scumbags, but thankfully with the help of Fleetpin we were able to track them down, it was parked in their garage. Fortunately with the sight of my three dogs entering their front door, they decided to leave the property through the back windows with the speed and urgency not often seen of men their age. Thanks Fleetpin!"

"Fleetpin is Excellent, very happy to be using it for our business"

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