Tiri Avocados Ltd

Based in Northland, Tiri Avocados is constantly working to develop and improve processes to help build a sustainable environment and employ new and innovative technology to help them reach their goals, with a key focus around sustainability while also  having strong ties to Iwi and the land. Being a multi-generational workplace, Tiri Avocados genuinely think of themselves as a big family, providing a space that their staff can enjoy coming to daily and feel proud of when the workday is done.

Tiri Avocados orchard spans over 155 hectares, and although staff work in teams for most activities, there are times when they work alone. Having a GPS tracking system means they can track workers across the orchard and ensure their safety. After some research on other GPS providers, Tiri Avocados decided Fleetpin was best suited for their needs:

Keeping track of staff

Management utilise Fleetpin to see where everyone is in real-time, across the large spanning orchard. Using Fleetpin’s Activity Report, management can also see the route each vehicle or tractor has taken, which is useful for verifying that work has been completed accurately.


Tiri Avocados rely heavily on Fleetpin’s Geofencing function to virtually mark or ‘block off’ areas they don’t want their staff to enter. If an asset crosses the geofence boundary, a Location Alert notification is triggered, notifying management to efficiently redirect the driver away from the  no-go zone.


The speed limit across the orchard is 20km/h, and Tiri Avocados ensure this is adhered to by their drivers with the help of Fleetpin’s Overspeed Alert, notifying managers when drivers go over the speed limit. This also contributes to maintaining their  culture and emphasis on health and safety across their orchard.

SOS Alerts

Tiri Avocados have SOS alerts enabled on some of their machines, with an in-cab SOS button that the driver can trigger should they run into trouble. This is useful when there is little to no cellphone reception, allowing management to immediately respond and immediate take action accordingly.

The biggest benefit for Tiri Avocados is how Fleetpin enhances their health and safety strategy.

“There are certain activities that mean contacting or communicating with a team in the field can be near impossible by radio, so being able to drive straight to their location is priceless.”

When management can see that an asset has been stationary for prolonged periods of time, they can send someone out to check on them and ensure they’re not in harm’s way.