The Jack Family Farm

In Northland, Alec Jack, farm manager at the Jack Family Farm, recently had one of their farm vehicles stolen in the early hours of the morning. However, thanks to the implementation of Fleetpin, the Jack family not only recovered their stolen property but also played a crucial role in catching the perpetrators.

The Incident:

The incident unfolded at 4:15 a.m. when a staff member at the Jack Family Farm called Alec, having been awakened by unusual sounds around the house. Responding swiftly, they discovered that a bike had been taken.

Checking the Fleetpin system, Alec could trace the stolen driving bike down the road. He promptly contacted the police and reviewed CCTV footage at 4:30 a.m. The bike was taken out of the cell phone coverage area for a short time, therefore pausing live updates. However, Fleetpin devices continue to store data even without reception, so once cellphone coverage was restored, Alec’s device showed where the thieves had travelled and their final location.

The Recovery:

Quick thinking came into play as Alec took a screenshot of the location complete with the address and immediately sent it to the police. By 7 a.m., just three hours after the theft, the police had successfully recovered the stolen vehicle. Alec and his farm manager  arrived on the scene to find the police had already loaded the bike onto a trailer. Additionally, they spotted the vehicle driven by the people that stole the bike, leading to the apprehension and successful prosecution of the thieves.

Enhanced Farm Management:

Months before this incident, the Jack Family Farm had equipped their operation with Fleetpin devices on all quad bikes, tractors, and two-wheelers. Even a farm vehicle used by Alec Jack’s 90-year-old father had GPS installed, ensuring his safety and location awareness.

All staff members have access to Fleetpin, allowing them to monitor each vehicle’s location, track training activities, and provide assistance in emergencies.

The Jack Family Farm also uses location alerts and geofencing. Geofencing allows the farm to set virtual boundaries, triggering alerts if a vehicle moved beyond the specified perimeter. This is important for staff safety, but also in ensuring that bikes are taken off the farm for legitimate purposes, such as servicing.

Alec emphasised the importance of Fleetpin in their day-to-day operations, Fleetpin’s Activity Report has become a valuable tool. It has eliminated second-guessing and uncertainty about the location of individuals, making the farm more efficient. For example, being able to check if a mob of cattle has been shifted, or having visibility on how far away staff are from arriving to an area of the farm.

The Jack Family Farm incident serves as a testament to the effectiveness of Fleetpin in not only recovering stolen property but also aiding in the apprehension of criminals. With its comprehensive tracking and monitoring features, Fleetpin has become an essential tool for modern farms by increasing bottom lines through enhancing efficiency and ensuring the safety of assets and people. As a third-generation family farm, the Jack Family Farm exemplifies the importance of adopting innovative technologies in agribusiness.