Fleetpin Ltd’s core business is providing customers with a vehicle fleet tracking system that collects data from a GPS (Global Positioning System) device installed into a vehicle/asset(s). The data is then displayed on a cloud-based user interface that we supply to you, to use. The cloud-based user interface and other Apps allow you to access information that is also useful to you/your business operation.

First and foremost we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information.

Personal Information we Collect & how we use it:

There are several sources and types of information that we collect;

GPS Data:

This consists of location and time data of the vehicle or asset that the GPS device(s) are installed into. This data is extrapolated and converted to various other formats, such as speed, idling, engine time, time in or out of a location etc on the User Interface and Apps we provide to you.

Application Data:

You, (or upon your request, we) will fill out fields, enter some personal information on your Fleetpin user interface or other software/Apps we provide including, passwords, names of drivers/employees/users, geo-fence location labels, vehicle registration numbers/fleet ID, drivers licence numbers, phone numbers, email address, postal & physical addresses & various other personal details.

Necessary Business Interaction Information:

We also collect name, contact information, and billing or purchasing information to assist our accounts, customer support and sales team communicate with you in order to provide the service and support needed for us to provide you our products and services.

Most records are stored on our partners/suppliers software which assists in our business transactions with you including but not limited to accounts, marketing, product & services updates etc.

Record of Interactions:

We may keep a record of communication(s) we have had with you via chat, email, phone call or in conversation(s) to assist us in efficiently providing service and support to you, throughout the different areas of our business, such as; Sales, Customer Support and Accounts etc.

Most records are stored on our partners/suppliers software which assists in our business transactions with you including, but not limited to; accounts, marketing, products & services updates etc.

Marketing Material:

We may use your contact details to send you marketing material, newsletters or updates to inform you of the latest products and services via electronic mail. Every electronic message sent will have an unsubscribe link available to you, should you no longer wish to receive these.


We use sim cards in all of our GPS devices. The sim cards enable the GPS device(s) to upload/download data to and from our web-based servers by utilising telecommunication networks. Because of this, the telco sim cards may also provide location data to the telco provider(s) who own the sim cards, as the sim cards communicate through the various cellular communication towers etc. This data is required as part of the services they provide to us and you, and we have no control over this data, however, they too have privacy policies to protect yours and our private information. If you require a copy of the telco’s privacy statements whom we use, please contact us.


When you interact with our website we may collect your ip address, browsing history and any other information that you enter into the website. This may include your name, email address, location, and phone number etc. Your browsing history on our website may also be used by web analytics to assist in marketing Fleetpin’s products and services.

Our website has cookies installed which you are able to disable through your browser if desired.

Read more about how to turn cookies off in:

Read more about how to turn advertising identifiers off on:


What we do with your Personal Information and how we Store it:

User Interface/Software/Apps

Fleetpin staff only access your user Interface/Software/Apps via our Super User password access to either,

  1. Provide customer support at your request
  2. Install/remove devices at request
  3. Billing purposes

All Fleetpin staff sign a confidentiality agreement where no information is to be shared with third parties except with written consent from customers, or under legal statutory obligation(Police Search Warrant).

Processing & Data Storage

All data that is on the Fleetpin User Interface/software/Apps is stored and processed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) like almost all cloud-based fleet tracking systems. AWS is chosen as it is one of the leading global internet network providers and global cloud data service provider. AWS has the most sophisticated security available to ensure all data has the best protection possible.

See AWS Security & Compliance on the various links below;

It should be noted that although all efforts are taken to protect data, no data stored or processed on global networks is guaranteed 100% secure, as this is not physically possible.

User Passwords

All of your data on the Fleetpin User Interface is accessed by authorised users with passwords issued by users with administrative rights granted by you.

A list of users and their permissions as well as login information can be found in the Fleetpin User Interface within the Administration Suite; Users & Drivers.

You are able to add and delete users on most of our applications, if not please contact us.

How Long do we Retain your Data

We will store and hold your information as long as we have a business relationship with you, the account owner. At the end of our business relationship we will offer you a copy of your data, which you can accept or decline in writing within 14 days. If no response is received within 14 days, Fleetpin will delete all of your data from our servers. (An administration fee may be required for copying and providing the data to you)

At any time upon your request we are able to delete historic fleet tracking data. The request must be in writing and signed by you, the authorised owner of the account. We will keep the authority on file as per normal business records (7 years).

Other information held by Fleetpin that relates to marketing and business transactions will be held on file unless a specific request by you, the authorised account owner, is received advising us to delete it.

What is Required by you

You are responsible for providing legally adequate privacy notices to End Users (Any user of our services/software/apps), and meeting your legal obligations into providing notice to people whose private information you may be gathering, using, sharing or storing when using our services/software/apps.

You represent to us that you have provided all necessary privacy notices and obtained all necessary consents when agreeing to our terms of trade and/or by using our services/software/apps.

Your Rights

You have the right to access most personal information that we hold about you. Sometimes that will not be possible, but if that is the case you will be told why.

You are able to opt out of supplying us with various pieces of information, however in some instances this will result in diminished services, or in a worst case scenario we will be unable to provide any services to you.

Contact Us

For any enquiries into our Privacy Policy or in relation to any Private information of yours that we may hold please contact us on support@fleetpin.co.nz.