Fleetpin’s benefits for Agribusiness Services

  • Reduce risks and assist with health & safety, including SOS button’s, roll over warnings and harsh driving alerts
  • Report on off-road mileage then automatically generate and submit road user charge applications to receive a refund.
  • Utilise Fleetpin’s satellite devices for remote locations and lone workers
  • Create geofenced locations to know when your vehicles and machines enter/exit locations
  • Keep track of portable equipment such as trailers, fuel tanks and generators with Fleetpin’s LongLife battery operated devices
  • See where your vehicles, machinery and equipment are for proof of placement
  • Keep on top of maintenance requirements with service and repair reminders
  • Monitor use of machine attachments or features using auxiliary GPS tracker inputs
  • Anti-theft, unauthorised vehicle and machine use alerts

GPS Rollover & Critical Alerting System

Safetrax prevents roll incidents from occurring by detecting rollover situations before they happen, along with providing a critical alerting system in the event of a roll warning and roll detection.

As a subsidiary to Fleetpin, Safetrax is accessible to Fleetpin customers as an added feature to their standard monthly GPS fleet tracking subscription.

Ask us about how Safetrax can be utilised across a range of vehicles including ground spreaders, tractors, ATVs, quad bikes and chippers.

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Video Case Study: Dairy Holdings Limited

Jane Fowles, the Health and Safety Manager at Dairy Holdings, talks about how the business uses Safetrax to look after their people.

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Fleetpin for Agribusiness

Health and safety alerts along with compliance reminders and off-road RUC reports are among the most utilised features of Fleetpin for Agribusiness customers. From SOS buttons, to roll over warnings, Fleetpin has you covered. Our remote satellite devices are also ideal for staff working out of cell phone coverage. Furthermore, easily keep your fleet up-to-date with Fleetpin’s Compliance Reminders and provide proof of placement/product with Custom Input Reports.

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