Fleetpin’s benefits for Freight & Logistics

  • Effectively allocate and coordinate jobs with drivers
  • Identify risky driving with overspeed alerts and harsh driving reporting
  • Keep vehicle compliance in check with WoF, Rego, Service and custom reminders
  • Use geofenced locations to know when drivers are arriving at key locations such as depots
  • Receive alerts for unauthorised vehicle usage outside of work hours
  • Review delivery route and vehicle efficiency with idle times and duty time reports
  • Get anti-theft, SOS alerts, impact alerts and more
  • Manage and generate reports by Driver with Driver ID
  • Report on off-road mileage then automatically generate and submit road user charge applications to receive a refund
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Fleetpin at a Glance

Fleetpin’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily oversee business operations at a glance, from asset lists, service reminders, to idle and engine times. Easily navigate from Tracking to Reports and generate cross-fleet Activity, Location, Compliance and Harsh Driving Reports. Fleetpin takes pride in offering a tool that helps businesses increase efficiencies, and decrease costs, all while keeping your people safe.

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