Waiheke Couriers

Waiheke Couriers has provided a trusted service delivering packages to businesses and residents across Waiheke Island for over 30 years, what a milestone! For context, they started around the same time as the first local vineyard on Waiheke along with the fast ferry service.

Ken & Verina took over Waiheke Couriers in 2019 with strong business values. Fleetpin’s  partnership with Waiheke Couriers began with them speaking to Todd, one of Fleetpin’s directors and co-founders, and they were sold. “We felt that Fleetpin truly cared about giving us the best service”, says Verina.

Waiheke Couriers had two reasons for implementing GPS tracking, the first being the geographical area they cover, providing certain obstacles such as a lack of mail boxes or poor access to properties. The second reason was to prove that a package had been delivered to the correct location, and hold accountability if it has not, and be able to quickly rectify the mistake.  Using GPS tracking, the courier driver can easily be located and guided to the correct location.

Waiheke Couriers also makes use of Fleetpin’s Overspeed report, as they have a zero tolerance for speeding. The report pinpoints locations of overspeed incidents, and the excess speed is customisable, i.e. choose to only show incidents where the driver was 10km/h over the speed limit. Waiheke Couriers also use geofences to gauge how long a run takes from the point of entering the customisable geofence location, to the exit point of the geofence. Verina says how Fleetpin helps with “accuracy and efficiency in our work that is deadline driven”.

They strive for continuous improvement to the services they offer, and hold utmost accountability for when mistakes happen – it is important to them that they always right any wrongs. They are 100% customer focused, with a hard working local team.