ECB Property Maintenance

ECB Property Maintenance, known for its quality landscaping and maintenance services, has been operating for a decade on the North Shore in Auckland. Co-owner Stu Frear shares how Fleetpin made a big difference in a challenging situation.

There was a collision involving one of their vehicles, and the other driver blamed Stu, saying he changed lanes in front of them. However, with Fleetpin’s help, Stu proved the other driver was at fault. He used screenshots from Fleetpin, showing the exact location and speed of their vehicle at the time of the collision. This evidence was enough for the insurance company, saving ECB from paying for the insurance excess. It’s a clear example of how Fleetpin provides peace of mind for business owners like Stu.

ECB uses Fleetpin daily, specifically the Location and Activity Reports. Stu and Amanda analyse these reports to generate average times for regular jobs. If an employee’s timesheet shows more hours than expected, they can find out why. It might be that the employee had a longer break or did extra work for a client that needs billing. Stu says, “I use Fleetpin ten times a day,” showing how crucial it is for their day-to-day operations.

Realising the value of Fleetpin in preventing billing oversights, Stu decided to install GPS devices not only in staff vehicles but also in his own. This move helps catch any jobs that might be forgotten during billing. Stu explains, “If I do one job in a month that I forget to charge the client because I didn’t write it on my sheet, that’s just paid for the additional GPS device. You won’t realise how much you forget to charge people because you’ve done something on the fly. Then you look at Fleetpin at the end of the week and you realise you were a lot busier than you thought“. Fleetpin helps correct human errors and ensures that all billable work is accounted for.

ECB Property Maintenance’s positive experience highlights Fleetpin’s ability to improve operations and reduce financial risks. As Fleetpin partners with more businesses like ECB, it solidifies its position as a top GPS fleet management solution in New Zealand, providing not just tracking but a practical tool for businesses of all kinds.