Able Whiteware Services

Able Whiteware Services, based in New Zealand, is a reputable company specialising in white appliance repair and maintenance. With a commitment to excellence, the company prides itself on delivering top-notch service to its customers.

In a recent incident, one of Able Whiteware Services’ vans was involved in a collision. The driver of the other vehicle, who was uninsured, initially claimed that the Able Whiteware van was stationary in the middle of the road and had pulled out, causing the accident.

Able Whiteware Services turned to Fleetpin to gather and present accurate data regarding the incident. Our platform provided an activity report, including crucial information such as the speed of the van and its confirmed direction of travel. This data refuted the other driver’s claim and supported Able Whiteware’s version of events.

With the evidence gathered from Fleetpin, Able Whiteware Services successfully obtained an insurance payout for the damages incurred in the collision. The information presented in black and white through Fleetpin’s reports left little room for argument, strengthening Able Whiteware’s position in the case.

Able Whiteware Services primarily operates with three vans equipped with GPS tracking. Billing clients based on time and labour charges, the company relies on Fleetpin to optimise its operations. Our solution allows them to track the location of their vans in real-time, enabling them to inform clients if they are running behind schedule. Additionally, Fleetpin’s features help Able Whiteware Services analyse job durations, ensuring accurate billing based on the actual time spent on tasks. Simon Ryding, the owner of Able Whiteware Services, has also been impressed by Fleetpin’s customer service; when he messages our team he gets a quick response.

Fleetpin not only assisted in resolving the collision dispute but also continues to be a valuable tool for Able Whiteware Services in managing their fleet efficiently.