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Not at all! We can connect you with one of our preferred installers local to you, or with some basic auto-electrical knowledge, you can install the device yourself – we will always send installation instructions with the devices.

Absolutely – get in touch with our team to discuss trialling Fleetpin.

We strongly believe that implementing Fleetpin should be a benefit, rather than a cost to your business. Our tools will save your business money, as well as make money when it comes to features such as our off-road RUC report for claiming RUC costs from NZTA. We also are transparent with our costs, don’t expect any hidden ‘gotchas’. Expect a one-off cost for the device, and a monthly ongoing subscription starting at $14.50 per device + GST (this is dependant on the device you chose and your tracking needs). Take a look at our subscription options here, or fill out our ‘Get Started’ form to discuss your tracking needs and pricing further.

Yes! We are proud to have been the first New Zealand based GPS company to be approved by the Ministry of Education.

We think this illustration does a pretty good job of showing what GPS tracking is and how it works…

GPS devices utilise the Global Positioning System (GPS) to provide an accurate location of the GPS device it is connected to (which is typically installed in a vehicle or machine). The position is recorded at regular intervals (these intervals depend on your chosen Fleetpin subscription) and the GPS data is transmitted via the telecommunication network via the sim card in the GPS device to Fleetpin. In the back-end of Fleetpin, there is specialised ‘code’ that interprets the data received and generates it into the variety of reports, data, and features you can see and use in Fleetpin in real-time. We think it is pretty damn cool!

Fleetpin offers a variety of customisable alerts where a nominated event triggers a notification either to your phone via text or call or, via email. Fleetpin has a range of Alerts including overspeed, harsh driving, location, rollover, anti-theft and so many more! Alerts can easily be enabled and disabled within Fleetpins Add-On and Alerts suite. Explore our range of Alerts here or reach out to our team to discuss which alerts would be beneficial for your business.

Ease of use tends to be one of the key reasons our customers choose and stay with Fleetpin. We believe our web application is straightforward and you only see what you use, everything else is an optional add-on that is only visible once enabled – this means there is no clutter! Not to mention our local support team is just one message or phone call away should you need a hand.

Once employees understand that GPS fleet tracking isn’t a spy tool but rather a way to increase efficiency, those who are following the rules shouldn’t mind. Take a look at our eBook ‘Big Brother or Big Benefit?’ which runs through tips about onboarding staff to GPS fleet tracking.

Yes! GPS tracking is completely legal, read more here.

Absolutely! A large portion of our customers use our devices for their machinery and equipment. For these, we recommend our ‘Machine Monitoring’ subscription, which supports anti-theft and engine/idle time recording and reporting. Talk to us about machine productivity if this is something you may be interested in too.

Just about – we have frequent ‘pings’, where our real-time tracking subscription devices transmit data every 20 seconds, providing regular data for accurate reporting and tracking in your Fleetpin account. Is as close to real-time as you can get in this space!

Yes it does – you may not receive a live feed of real-time data at that time, but the tracking and reports will be up-to-date once the vehicle or machine is back in mobile coverage. Our GPS devices store tracking data within when the device is out of coverage. This data is then ‘sent’ to Fleetpin once the device is back in coverage. Remember though, if your business utilises our Satellite device, this will function outside of mobile coverage areas, with the location polling intervals determined when you sign up with Fleetpin.

Think of a GPS Device like any other piece of technology i.e. your smartphone! They can and should work reliably for quite some time, if they are installed correctly and utilised as recommend, so while we take pride in sourcing and supplying only the most accurate, reliable and future-proofed GPS devices, Fleetpin is also not immune to technology sometimes failing, not working they way it should or for as long as it should. Therefore, we provide our customers with the same replacement warranty guarantee that our device manufacturer and supplier honours for us. You should expect at least 3 years out of your GPS device before considering an upgrade, and should anything occur to the device within those 3 years, we will replace it if it is deemed to be replaceable under warranty.

Yes you can! Let us know, and we can provide advise around the un-install and can assist with making sure the device is functioning correctly in the new asset once installed. It’s important you notify us of any changes you make to the vehicle or machine that the device is in so we can make sure everything works and appears correctly for you in your Fleetpin account.

Your data is securely stored on an AWS server, and we will keep the data there for seven years! At the seven year mark, we can give you the data, should you need it. You can read more about how we store and use your data to provide our service to you in our Privacy Policy.

Yes we do! Get in touch with our team to discuss various lease options with Fleetpin.

You will often see ‘4G’ or ‘5G’ at the top corner of your mobile phone – our GPS devices have SIMs in them just like your phone, therefore require a network connection. Our devices connect to all the different telco towers; One (Vodafone), 2Degrees and Spark. We also only sell devices 4G and above, unlike some of our competitors. Any devices below 4G will not stand the test of time, as we are now mostly using 5G – next will come 6G! To understand more about what the different ‘G’s’ each mean and why they are important when it comes to GPS Tracking, read this useful article here.

Absolutely, just let us know, and your subscription will carry on at a reduced rate. For vehicles/machines that may be offline for an extended period of time, we may encourage other options.

There are no cancellation fees or contracts on our monthly Fleetpin subscriptions. We don’t think it is necessary to bind people into using Fleetpin (unless it’s their preference), so whether you need to cancel some of your subscriptions or all of them, just give us at least 30 days notice. That way we can square up the paperwork on our end and take necessary steps to have the devices and subscriptions deactivated. Note, there may be some variations to this for those customers with specific terms within their lease and/or service level agreements.

Yes we do! Generally our customers vouch for month-to-month subscriptions, but if you would prefer to pay yearly, get in touch and we can work out a reduced yearly subscription for you. While our monthly subscriptions are no contract, you may be given a contract for yearly subscriptions.

Yes it can – get in touch with our team to discuss integrations further.

We are working hard to have Auto-Buy RUC available to our customers in the near future. However, in the meantime, Fleetpin does allow you to store and update RUC licences, and you can also utilise a custom compliance reminder to check RUC licenses periodically. You can also associate stored RUC licences to Fleetpin’s Off-Road RUC Report where you can easily view and verify off-road trips against each license and generate the accurate data needed to claim off-road RUC via NZTA. We are continuously making improvements to this space in Fleetpin, so have a chat with us to see how our available features are progressing.

Yes! With Fleetpin’s Driver ID function, this is simple. We also offer RFID tags for drivers to sign-in to different vehicles / machines, as well as the mobile app.