iDeliver is a Canterbury based courier company who hit the ground running back in 2013, starting with just one Toyota Hiace van. Over the last 10 years, their fleet has grown and their loyal clients now span the South Island.

One of iDeliver’s directors, Stephen Carr, discusses what the business values most, which is “providing top-notch service and taking the utmost care of their staff”, he says “these go hand-in-hand”. When employees are looked after, they will in turn look after the client. Their business is modeled differently than most in the industry, with all of their drivers on living wages as opposed to contracting. They also don’t tend to have all of their freight passing through their depo, but rather multiple vehicles going around the same area so they can provide multiple services a day while maintaining a level of efficiency. And with achieving utmost efficiency, GPS tracking was crucial to implement into their operation.

Fleetpin was originally used by a company that iDeliver acquired, where half of the company was with Fleetpin and the other half with another provider. Due to Fleetpin’s performance, iDeliver switched the remainder of their fleet across to Fleetpin. “While the other provider did have some more features, Fleetpin’s features actually work and do what they say they will do.”

The iDeliver dispatch location boasts a 49” screen to display their Fleetpin interface. Throughout the day, they can see where their drivers are using Fleetpin’s tracking view, making it easier to decipher who to give jobs to as they come in.

iDeliver also uses features such as the Overspeed report, if a member of the public calls about one of their drivers, and Geofences drawn around regular clients, so if needed iDeliver can confirm that a driver delivered their packages.

Fleetpin has no limit to the number of user accounts (and at no extra cost), allowing iDeliver to provide their drivers with access to Fleetpin so they can easily meet with each other throughout the day. The ability to customise user permissions also means that we can limit what information the drivers can see and what components of Fleetpin they can utilise, so they cannot view reports or make any changes to the account.

Stephen Carr appreciates that Fleetpin is transparent in how we operate; “It does what it does, when I need it to do it”.