Tru Group

Tru Group, traffic management, engineering and truck build specialists, pride themselves on going above and beyond on every project they work on. We spoke with Damien Ashby, Tru Group’s Business Support Manager and he believes what sets them apart from their competitors is the commitment from their people, acting with integrity, and continuing to bring new and exciting products and services to the market.

Tru Group now have over 130 assets in the market all over New Zealand fitted with Fleetpin devices, and have built over 100 Traffic Management Trucks to date, this is set to increase when they move into their new purpose-built facilities in 2023.

Before Fleetpin, Tru Group was initially interested in implementing their own GPS system to track their assets, but once factoring in all of the requirements it became more and more expensive and complicated. “I met with Fleetpin, who had all the answers to my questions and more, and while the costs were comparative, with Fleetpin we also got their expertise”, says Damien.

Tru Group had an existing system that only showed the current location of their assets, and not its history. With Fleetpin, they are now able to see every movement of their VMS (Variable Messaging Systems) right back to when tracking started, “from there, we were so impressed with the [Fleetpin] system that we implemented it across all of our vehicles”.

Fleetpin has simplified a lot of Tru Group’s operation, acting as a one-stop shop with a variety of useful features, centralising their systems onto one platform. Tru Group uses live tracking to keep track of staff, activity reporting to see the movements of their VMS units for monthly billing to clients, and voltage alerts – which is incredibly important to their operations. The VMS units are solar powered and occasionally drop voltage, the voltage alerts allow them to alert the rental client before the board goes offline. They have also had battery thefts in the past, so the zero volts alert will notify Damien via text so the issue can be diagnosed/fixed with minimal downtime and often before the client even notices. Damien shared that Tru Group also utilises compliance reminders to stay on top of WOF’s, regos, services, and so forth.

We love seeing customers making the most of their Fleetpin account, utilising the range of features Fleetpin has to offer as a part of the standard subscription. We are proud to support Tru Group and their broad fleet.