Another Stolen Excavator recovered with the help of Fleetpin GPS

A quick check on Fleetpin was able to show our customer everywhere that the thieves had towed the machine to and the local police were able to quickly track down the offenders and the gear.

Not only was the machine recovered (and back out earning money within 24 hours of finding it stolen), but it also saved our customer having to submit an insurance claim, pay the excess and then deal with the subsequent premium increases at the next insurance renewal time. In addition to that, there was no wasted energy on looking for a replacement machine to keep their workload under control (and the thieves were also caught as well).

Many of those that own small machines and trailers and quad bikes know that thieves are especially keen on taking them due to the relative ease at which they can be stolen, easily hidden amongst the thousands of other machines, quads and trailers that look alike, and the provide the offenders with a good resale value.

This is why at Fleetpin we go that extra mile to help our customers protect their gear – and, if it is stolen, help them recover it. We know that the benefits of fleet tracking can far outweigh the costs, even with one single machine recovery.

In addition to standard fleet tracking benefits, we have also added a few extra features to assist our customers keeping their gear safe:

Anti-theft Alert

We have come up with an anti-theft alert add-on that alerts customers via a text message or a phone call if a machine moves, is started, the battery is disconnected or the GPS device is tampered with. This means that customers can get onto the thieves before they get onto the GPS device.

As an added bonus, we have made it so that the alert auto-arms and disarms to a set working schedule so customers don’t forget to activate it after work.

Input Alerts

Fleetpin customers come up with some beauties – one customer had an idea when their machine was being vandalised by thieves taking fuel. The customer used Fleetpin’s input alert add-on, which they connected to a movement sensor, in order to alert them when there was movement around their machine at night-time.

We have others connecting door switches, hidden master switches and movement sensors to machines in remote forestry locations to alert them of thieves taking radios, stereos and fuel.

Fleetpin Service

In addition to the bells and whistles to deter thieves getting away with gear, we are always happy to assist by turning on any other add-ons not in use, communicating with the device to get position updates, and packaging all the raw data up and providing it to the police at the customer’s request.

Fleetpin Pricing

The devices best suited to machines and trailers are our IP water and dust resistant devices and our machine monthly subscription rates with the optional anti-theft add-on or input alert add-on.

Check out devices, prices, add-ons and tiered monthly subscriptions here – or to get a personalised quote, get in touch. 0800 110 820 or info@fleetpin.co.nz.