Real Stories of Anti-theft Success with Fleetpin

Theft of high-value assets is an unfortunate reality, protecting your business from losses due to theft has never been more critical. Not only does theft inflict immediate financial damage, but it can also trigger an array of consequences, leading to increased insurance premiums and prolonged downtime – the last thing you need in these tough economic times.

Why put up with delayed projects and disrupted workflows when Fleetpin can offer a simple solution? Fleetpin’s Anti-theft Alert allows you to set up around-the-clock monitoring of your assets, where you can be notified via text, voice call or email if any movement or activity takes place during the scheduled hours or days that you specify. With real-time asset tracking and virtual boundaries, you have every chance of recovering your high-value assets.

Our team is stoked to be able to help our customers with recovering their stolen assets. We’re dedicated to assisting in whatever way we can; even switching on all the bells & whistles free of charge in the event of theft. After all, our customer’s success is Fleetpin’s success!

In this article, we’ll share a few of these successes with you, highlighting the importance of proactive anti-theft measures.

A Dogged Pursuit

Lauchlan Waugh from Waugh Concrete Grinding & Polishing shares a compelling story of how Fleetpin helped recover a stolen generator.

“Our generator was stolen by some local scumbags, but thankfully with the help of Fleetpin, we were able to track them down. It was parked in their garage. Fortunately, with the sight of my three dogs entering their front door, they decided to leave the property through the back windows with the speed and urgency not often seen of men their age. Thanks, Fleetpin!”

Lauchlan’s story emphasises the value of real-time tracking. Fleetpin not only located the stolen asset but also aided in its swift recovery. Being able to respond promptly reduces the risk of damage to the asset.

A Worksite Rescue

Margie Paris at Central Drainage and Earthworks shares a story of a stolen ute recovered with lightning speed.

“Upon receiving a call that a ute had been stolen from a worksite in Rotorua, I hopped onto Fleetpin and could see the vehicle parked just 500 metres or so away. Our team parked nearby and waited for the police to arrive. The ute was recovered with no contents stolen as we were able to get onto it so quickly.”

Margie’s experience highlights the significance of real-time monitoring and quick intervention. Fleetpin enabled her team to act promptly, minimising potential damages and securing a successful recovery.

Ace Anti-theft Measures

For a broader perspective, we turn to Ace Rental, a company that has benefitted extensively from Fleetpin’s anti-theft features. Their case study showcases how Fleetpin has become an integral part of their asset protection strategy.

“Without Fleetpin, recovering stolen equipment wouldn’t have been possible,” says Matt Allison, Ace’s Kerikeri Branch Manager.

Ace Rental has been able to recover all of their stolen machinery to date.

Foiling a Joyride

Dempsey Wood has Fleetpin’s Anti-tamper Alert enabled across all of their machinery. If a machine is being tampered with or stolen, an alert is triggered to send a text or phone call to an authorised person.

Khalil, the Fleet Manager at Dempsey Wood, shares that they are no strangers to dealing with theft. More recently, a staff member reported a company vehicle missing from outside their home. Leveraging Fleetpin’s GPS technology, they tracked the vehicle’s activity and location in real-time. Law enforcement was immediately alerted, leading to the recovery of the stolen vehicle on the same day it was taken. The speedy intervention resulted in the apprehension of the perpetrator.

Read Dempsey Wood’s case study to learn more about how they use Fleetpin.

Testimonials from Denis, Lauchlan, Margie, Matt and Khalil underscore the importance of investing in anti-theft solutions like Fleetpin. These stories serve as a reminder that with proactive monitoring and quick response capabilities, businesses can significantly enhance their chances of recovering stolen assets and minimising losses. Don’t wait until it happens – you could be safeguarding your assets with our Anti-theft / Anti-tamper Alert Add-on from $1.50/month. Get in touch to learn more!