Ace Rental

Ace Rental/Equipment is a Northland-based company that has specialised in providing high-quality construction equipment for over 10 years. The company has earned a reputation for excellent service and has become the “go-to” solutions provider for many Northland companies needing extra equipment. Ace is also one of Fleetpin’s oldest customers. They were one of our first customers with a large fleet, with devices installed in their delivery trucks and hired machinery.

GPS tracking has been particularly useful for Ace Rental in several ways. Firstly, it provides real-time tracking data of the delivery trucks, enabling Ace Rental to quickly respond to customer queries about the location of their equipment. This has helped Ace Rental to provide excellent customer service and enhance customer satisfaction.

Secondly, GPS tracking in the hired machinery has allowed Ace Rental to accurately and easily invoice customers for their usage. Fleetpin’s reports provide proof of usage, eliminating any disputes that may arise over the number of hours that equipment has been used. This has saved Ace Rental a lot of time and has enabled the company to focus on its core business of providing high-quality equipment and excellent service.

Finally, Ace Rental has been able to use Fleetpin to recover stolen machinery. The GPS devices installed in the equipment provide real-time location information, which has helped Ace Rental to recover all stolen machinery to date. “Without Fleetpin, recovering stolen equipment wouldn’t have been possible,” says Matt Allison, Ace’s Kerikeri Branch Manager.

Fleetpin is proud to be such a long-standing service provider for Ace Rental/Equipment, having assisted with providing excellent customer service, accurately invoicing customers, and recovering stolen machinery. Fleetpin’s relationship with Ace has proven to be an awesome example of Kiwis helping Kiwis.