Dempsey Wood

Delivering a range of civil infrastructure works and land development projects all over the North Island, Dempsey Wood is motivated by finding innovative ways to help their clients within the private and public sectors to meet deadlines practically and cost-effectively, while continuing to grow communities.

Widely known in Auckland and employing over 600 team members, Dempsey Wood has been  dedicated to providing a diverse and respectful work environment with a family feel throughout their teams since 1993.

“We are committed to providing a workplace in which we can work as a team and use our combined strengths to overcome challenges, connect with each other, grow our community and nurture our whānau.”

Diving into their fleet, Dempsey Wood has over 150 heavy equipment assets, 400 light and heavy vehicles, and 75 facilities (such as office sheds and containers). Some five years ago, almost all of these assets weren’t GPS monitored.

Fleetpin’s Relationship with Dempsey Wood:

Fleetpin and Dempsey Wood began their partnership in 2018 with a trial of Fleetpin devices across various vehicle and machinery types – fine tuning the hardware components to deliver the telematics data that was needed. Our long-standing point of contact has been Khalil Alboutros, Dempsey Wood’s Fleet & Facilities Manager.

At the time, Fleetpin’s system was adequate for a small to medium fleet, but the scope wasn’t quite there for a fleet as big as Dempsey Wood.This partnership was pivotal for Fleetpin as not only was Dempsey Wood our biggest customer to date, but their investment would help us  go on to develop the second more elevated version of  Fleetpin’s application, allowing us to deliver on the real-time tracking and reporting needs established and required by Dempsey Wood.

Fast forward to today, Dempsey Woods active device count on the Fleetpin application is 600 (and growing), and Fleetpin has become a crucial cog in the runnings of Dempsey Wood.  To this day we continue to build and release new features based on collaborative discussions with the Dempsey Wood team – delivering on our ethos of building a system driven by the needs of our customers. We value the trust that Dempsey Wood had in Fleetpin back in 2018, as their contribution gave momentum to what Fleetpin is today.

How Dempsey Wood Use and Rely on Fleetpin:

“Fleetpin is the first thing we open each morning”

Dempsey Wood has approximately 80 users on Fleetpin, across different departments within their business. From People & Capabilities, machine and vehicle maintenance, Transportation, Accounting, Operations and Health & Safety; Fleetpin’s system has become a key tool that many departments rely on daily.

API Integration

Upon Dempsey Wood’s request, we created a purpose built system for them to port their data from Fleetpin everyday at midnight. This is critical to their operation, as once the data goes through their systems it triggers work orders for tasks such as fleet servicing and/or repairs. Critical data exported includes but is not limited to is machine engine hours, odometer readings and hubometer readings. This process saves time and makes administrative tasks much easier and more automated.

Productivity Sensors

In collaboration with another partner, we built sensors that could be connected to attachments such as digger booms to more accurately record machine productivity vs idle time. The data from these sensors are displayed in their in-app dashboard and incorporated into their Utilisation Report.

Utilisation Reporting

Dempsey Wood uses Utilisation Reporting frequently; Utilisation reporting for machinery provides a breakdown of a machine’s productive hours, idle hours and total engine hours. While this is useful for billing, it is also useful for monitoring the efficiency of their on-road fleet and the wear and tear of machinery. Examples of this is a ute idling stationary for 30 minutes when the engine should otherwise be switched off, excavator tracks being used to flatten a surface where a roller should be used, or driving a machine from site A to B rather than the operator walking or using a passenger vehicle.

Driver Behaviour

Monitoring driver behaviour is crucial for Dempsey Wood, from a health and safety standpoint, as well as maintaining a good company image on New Zealand roads.

Dempsey Wood has noticed a significant improvement in driver behaviour since implementing the use of Fleetpin’s harsh driving report and in-cab buzzers. Their internal process includes reviewing the Harsh Driving report weekly to identify the 10 lowest ranked drivers. Khalil says, “at the start it was easy to find ten drivers, but now it is very difficult”. Staff slowly begin to understand the purpose of harsh driving reporting as a preventative measure and improve over time.

Anti-tamper Alert

Dempsey Wood has Fleetpin’s Anti-tamper Alert enabled across their machinery. If a machine is being tampered with or stolen, an alert is triggered to send a text message or phone call to an authorised person, this has already reduced downtime costs for Dempsey Wood.


Fleetpin’s free RUCOR feature has been useful for Dempsey Wood in generating savings from off-road vehicle usage. Fleetpin’s RUCOR report automatically calculates the distance diesel vehicles have travelled off-road, allowing Dempsey Wood to claim that distance back from NZTA from their previous RUC licences. It is surprising how the distances add up, especially when you have two years with which to make a claim.

The team here at Fleetpin are proud to be partnered with Dempsey Wood and assist them with their day-to-day operations, and we are grateful for the ideas they bring to the table to allow Fleetpin to provide more benefit to construction businesses.