Beating Burnout

With Christmas not far off the home stretch is fast approaching, which means it’s likely there will be some team members feeling the heat of it all. We’ve curated some insights and a few tips to deal with burnout, and more importantly, considerations around how you could prevent burnout with the help of Fleetpin.

First things first, know what burn out looks like. Some signs to look out for among your team members include fatigue, increased or out of character procrastination around tasks, disengagement, and behaving and/or thinking negatively about their work, according to Seek NZ.

Taking a leaf out of our book, some of the things we do at Fleetpin include encouraging team members to take leave when they need it (better yet, before they think they need time-out), to address their concerns with their peers and managers, and to be open when they are reaching their workload capacity – many people have difficulty saying ‘no’. Checking in on your employees to make sure they are not overloading or overworking is vital – burnout can be contagious, as those negative feelings and disengagement can spread within the team.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but checking-in with your employees and having an open discussion about how they are feeling, or helping them to prioritise their tasks can make all the difference in how they feel – and knowing and practising the notion of approachability in your business is vital.

Applications like Fleetpin allow GPS technology to also help you to keep an eye on employees without having to approach them directly or reactively. An example of this is Fleetpin’s Activity Report and Driver ID, both are easy tools that allow you to check and ensure that employees aren’t overworking, for example, driving for too many hours without breaks, working too late on-site or not taking their breaks. Using the Activity Report, you can see start and stop times of assets throughout the day, and Driver ID allows you to identify who was driving/operating the asset.

Fleetpin’s Time-Based Curfew Alert is also a useful way to ensure that employees are arriving back to ‘home base’ by a set curfew. If you receive an alert that an employee isn’t getting home until well after their finishing time, you can address the issue and preventatively combat burnout – often people will continue to push themselves when they are passionate about their work, or are driven to get the job done. Long term, this can all result in exhaustion and/or making dangerous mistakes if not addressed in time.

No one is immune to burnout, and taking the right course of action to take care of employees is the best way to prevent it. Now is also a great time to reflect on how you have managed this concern throughout the year, and what course of action you could implement next year.

If you would like to learn more about how Fleeptin can assist with Fatigue Management, get in touch here.