Covid-19 Contact Tracing with Fleetpin GPS

Covid 19 Contact Tracing

Welcome to life under Covid-19 Level 3 Restrictions! We have been using our time to reinvent ourselves in areas and add more value to the Fleetpin solution.

In recent weeks Fleetpin received a lot of demand in relation to Contact Tracing in businesses whose staff are attending multiple addresses each day/week. (Vets, trades, sales reps, services etc).

Not only is Fleetpin a perfect solution for Contact Tracing because it is a GPS tracking system, but in addition to this we have tailored reports that perfectly fit the Contact Tracing requirements. No need to write down every address you have attended, our Trip or Stop Report or Geo-fence Reporting identifies and records what locations/addresses staff are visiting each day.

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Improve Business Efficiencies During Tough Times

The message we are hearing loud and clear is that there is a real need for improving business efficiencies and ensuring businesses are getting the most out of their available resources.

Fleetpin tracing screenshot

For those businesses whose staff, vehicles or machines are one of the larger operating costs, and are the main revenue stream, their efficiency and productivity must be at their very best in order to not bleed the bottom line but improve it. Fleetpin’s real-time user interface not only gives full visibility and transparency across the business operation in real-time but also the Fleetpin reports show businesses exact time on a job, exact engine hours on a job and exact mileage to and from jobs.

Check out our Big Brother or Big Benefit Ebook for more info, or contact us on 0800 110 820.

For more information about how Fleetpin can help bus transport operators, give us a call on 0800 110 820.