Fleet Tracking: What does the law say?

It’s possible that when you’re discussing GPS tracking with your staff, you’ll be asked what their rights are under the law. The short answer is yes, business owners can use GPS as a tool to manage their vehicle fleets more efficiently. That’s the essential point; GPS is used to improve efficiency, not to keep tabs on employees.

When installing a GPS tracking system, it is crucial to communicate with your staff. A common misconception is that the use of GPS tracking is for the big boss to spy on their employees or put them under the microscope – when this is not the case.

Employees having this outlook on GPS tracking systems can result in a negative relationship with your staff. The real story is that GPS tracking can be used to significantly improve business efficiencies and make life easier not just for business owners, but for their staff too.

Fleetpin GPS tracking solutions are not designed to be used as a spy tool. The purpose is to increase efficiency, improve risk management, and assist with Health & Safety concerns. Ideal for tradies but designed for use by all business owners who have a fleet of vehicles, Fleetpin is fast and easy to use. It also benefits staff where by using Fleetpin they can easily record their hours and vehicle mileage.

It’s important to have clear policies in place governing company vehicle usage. This should include a statement about GPS tracking; what it’s intended for and how it will be used. Having clear work policy documents is essential for achieving this, including the use of vehicles outside of work hours and how the data collected from the GPS will be used.

The website of the Privacy Commissioner has more information around the legalities of using GPS tracking in company vehicle: https://privacy.org.nz/further-resources/knowledge-base/view/276

When implementing the system, it is important to urge all employees who are using it to come forward if they have any suggestions or are worried about anything. Above all, to stress that there’s no trust issue involved (even if you do have reason to suspect one or two people), that it’s all about saving time and money, and about making their jobs easier and more efficient.

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Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash