Fleetpin Telematics System Approved for School Transport by New Zealand Ministry of Education

We are really proud to be the first New Zealand based GPS company to be approved by the Ministry of Education and look forward to supporting school bus operators to meet the new regulations.

As part of a commitment to student health and safety, and improved monitoring of the school transport fleet, the New Zealand Government has mandated that school transport operators under contract to the Ministry of Education must have an approved vehicle telematics system fitted to their vehicles from January 2018

Fleetpin offers school bus operators an affordable solution that is easy to setup and use. We are a New Zealand family business who have built our own telematics platform that is dedicated to supporting small and medium businesses in New Zealand.

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We are proud members of the Bus and Coach Association and have been working alongside bus and coach companies to provide operators with smaller fleets access to the benefits of GPS technology and applications that were previously only affordable for large companies.

We can take the stress out of getting setup before the contract commences

  • Give us a call for a demo over the phone or ask for a video link to view when it suits
  • Let us know how many devices you need – ask about our special rate for orders placed by 1 September 2017 – so we can deliver them to you in November
  1. Get started online so we can create your account
  2. Install your Fleetpin GPS tracking devices: Use your preferred auto-electrician, your own qualified service staff, or we can help you out
  3. Log in to Fleetpin online using your own secure login and password (no software to download/update). Fleetpin is easy to use, but we’ll show you all of the basics.
  4. Pay a low monthly per vehicle subscription by direct debit or invoice on the 20th of the month with no minimum term contracts

Why choose Fleetpin’s telematics system?

Fleetpin has selected quality devices with GSM modules designed to improve mobile coverage to better support bus operators in rural and regional areas around New Zealand. We have also partnered with Vodafone who have the best machine-to-machine coverage in New Zealand. Our devices provide the Ministry of Education with real-time data about vehicle location, time, speed, heavy braking and sharp cornering and we are ready to go should the Ministry need further data to investigate crashes and significant events.

Our web and mobile applications will also be available to bus operators. Our current customers confirm that these provide invaluable information for running their transport business. We support day-to-day management of your fleet as well as monitoring vehicle maintenance (RUC, WoF, service reminders), and a range of health and safety alerts (SOS buttons, crash and overspeed alerts).

Fleetpin is continuously innovating and improving the tools we provide to our bus and coach customers. When you sign up with Fleetpin you can also tap into our full bus operator package including a passenger management system (complete with RFID swipe cards) and a handy mobile application for schools, parents and children to locate their bus instead of calling operators.

More information

For any enquiries regarding the Fleetpin telematics solution for school transport please contact Jaleh Benson – jaleh@fleetpin.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 110 820.

Check out our dedicated bus and coach page https://www.fleetpin.co.nz/our-customers/bus-and-coach