Fleetpin’s GPS tracking system is for the whole team.

When implementing GPS tracking, it can sometimes be misinterpreted as a ‘spy tool’ to keep tabs on employees. But really, the most common reason for rolling out GPS tracking across a fleet is to improve efficiency, which directly benefits employees as well.

Fleetpin is a time-saver

Employees have the ability to login to their own Fleetpin account to access data such as trips, activity, engine, productivity and duty time. This means they no longer have to spend time trying to record or remember how long they were on a job or how long it took them to get there, making administrative tasks such as timesheeting quick and simple.

If a client calls asking where an employee is, there’s no need to try and get a hold of the employee on the phone while they are likely working or driving, they can be immediately located in Fleetpin with real-time tracking, and the client updated on how far away they are. This saves the employee time and allows them to focus on the job at hand.

Fleetpin also records WoF, Rego, and other service reminders, so employees don’t need to be accountable for checking if these things are overdue. Compliance Reminders are set up to immediately alert the right person, so everything is always up to date.

Fleetpin enhances Health & Safety measures

Fleetpin’s real-time tracking is also ideal for health and safety; should the driver or operator not have been heard from for an extended period of time, management can see where they are and send someone to check-in on them. Additionally, Fleetpin also offers an in-cab SOS button that can be pressed by employees when they are in need of assistance, even in remote locations outside of cell phone coverage.

Fleetpin provides assurance of integrity

In some scenarios, there can be some ‘he said, she said’ between clients and employees, such as a client accusing an employee of being a no-show. With Fleetpin, employees can be assured that they have proof to show their whereabouts, that they had stopped at the client’s address for a period of time, but no one appeared to be home. There are also cases where the public could call to say that they have seen a sign-written vehicle speeding or driving harshly, but using Fleetpin, the employee can confirm that this isn’t true, or the caller had the wrong company. Fleetpin’s Driver ID add-on can also confirm who was signed-in and driving the vehicle, so as not to be confused with another driver.

Highlighting the benefits of GPS to your employees is a crucial part of integrating Fleetpin into your business, and it is important to have open communication with teams about their privacy and legal rights. Above all, emphasise that implementing GPS tracking is not a matter of distrust, but rather about saving time and money, and making their lives easier and their job more efficient.

Download our E-Book ‘Big Brother or Big Benefit’ which goes into more detail about how to best on-board staff with GPS tracking.