GPS Solution Increases Business Efficiency and Staff Safety

It’s no secret that trade businesses in New Zealand are facing a massive labour shortage. This is especially true of the building and construction industry, which will need about 30,000 qualified staff in the next 5 years to meet demand. According to research by NZ career website YUDU, fewer than 1500 school-leavers are beginning a building apprenticeship each year.

It seems likely that these pressures will continue into 2019 and beyond. So how do business owners respond? What can they do to attract new people into the industry and into their companies?

A good place to start is by making sure that your business is one that employs smart ways to manage and look after your staff. The construction industry is not without risk, and if you can demonstrate that employee safety is a priority, then you’ll be a more attractive prospect for a new apprentice than a business that doesn’t highlight staff concerns.

One of the ways to manage your team and their wellbeing is by introducing GPS tracking for your fleet of vehicles. Contrary to popular belief, the main reason to implement GPS is not to spy on your staff, but to keep them safe, make their job easier, and increase efficiencies.

However, convincing staff – potential and current – that you’re not using GPS to track their every movement is easier said than done. With that in mind, we’ve developed an eBook that’s aimed at getting staff on board with GPS by focusing on 3 key strengths:

1. Improving efficiency

This is the main reason the solution was designed. It’s aimed at providing better management of a business’s fleet of vehicles, the people who drive them and those who administer them.

2. Risk management

Better risk management of vehicles helps to reduce insurance costs. Not only that, but ACC levies can be reduced because the Fleetpin solution helps ensure better driving, meaning less accidents and work-related injuries.

3. Health & Safety

An important part of getting your employees on-board with GPS tracking is to assure them that their well-being is a critical consideration.

What we’ve found from Fleetpin customer feedback is that the benefits don’t just show up on the balance sheet. Once staff have had a chance to use the tool and become familiar with it, they’re seeing immediate benefits that help to make their working lives easier.

The Fleetpin GPS solution is ideal for trade businesses of all kinds. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use. We’ve discovered that although business owners face resistance from their staff at the beginning (they see it as a Big Brother tool designed to spy on them), once the solution is in place and being used, they often wonder how they did without it. So when it comes to better team management, including staff safety, a GPS solution ticks many of the boxes. The trick is convincing your employees of that. Our guide to getting staff on-board with the Fleetpin GPS solution will help you to alleviate their “Big Brother” fears and assure them that business efficiency and their well-being are the key reasons for its introduction.

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