How to make the most of Fleetpin’s Add-On Suite

Fleetpin’s Add-On Suite is the brand new hub for all of the uber cool features that Fleetpin has to offer beyond GPS tracking. The Add-On Suite can be found within the Admin panel on the left hand side of Fleetpin V2, and includes all of the alerts and add-ons that Fleetpin has always offered, plus new and improved features. Users may already be familiar with some of the add-ons, as we decided to build the add-ons and release them first for free, while building the Suite in the background. This Suite has been developed so users can see what add-ons we have available (we found many customers did not know about our add-ons, so now they are displayed), and Admin users can now enable and disable add-ons as they are required. DIY and immediate results, couldn’t be more simple. Most GPS Tracking providers sell additional features/add-ons in packages – basic, intermediate, and advanced, where you are forced to buy unwanted features just to get the one you want, and what’s worse is you are often lumped with paying for them well after their use by date. At Fleetpin, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay for, or even look at, things you don’t need, so we made our add-ons individual, and you can turn them off when they are no longer needed.

The first thing to do with the new Add-On Suite is take a browse through each add-on; each add-on has its own description with the benefits it provides, the cost, how to utilise it, and anything else required i.e. additional hardware. You can select which assets you would like add-ons enabled or disabled, and within this window you can view which assets already have add-ons.

Some of the add-ons include:

  • Driver ID
  • Harsh Driving Reports
  • Alerts

Driver ID:

This add-on is ideal for businesses with fleets who’s drivers or operators are chopping and changing. Drivers can sign in and out of vehicles using the Fleetpin mobile app or by using an optional RFID system (radio frequency identification, i.e. magnetic i-Buttons). As drivers sign in and out of vehicles, you can run individual driver reports and make use of the driver filters in Fleetpin’s other reports.

Drivers can use the Fleetpin V2 mobile companion app to review daily summaries of their own activity across the vehicles they have been operating. This can assist drivers with accurately recording time and mileage, promoting increased efficiency.

With the Unauthorised Driver Alert, you can be notified as soon as a vehicle is operated without a driver being signed in, or by a driver who isn’t authorised to use that vehicle.

Harsh Driving:

This add-on is designed to identify harsh driving and improve driver behaviour – break those bad habits! The Fleetpin Harsh Driving add-on includes specialised optional in-vehicle deterrents and comprehensive reporting on speeding, harsh cornering, braking, and acceleration. Quickly identify unsafe driving and monitor the trends of individual drivers and fleet-wide rankings – this can be great to incentivise employees to be the best driver, and reduce unnecessary vehicle wear & tear, fuel usage and risk of incidents.


Fleetpin has an array of alert functions to assist with operational efficiency, risk management and health & safety.

  • Anti-theft / anti-tamper alert
    • Monitor your assets to detect unauthorised use, theft, or GPS and battery tampering.
  • Impact alert
    • Receive notifications when a significant impact is detected by your Fleetpin GPS tracking devices.
  • SOS alert
    • Receive an alert when drivers or operators press an in and out of vehicle distress button.
  • Overspeed alert
    • Receive notifications when vehicles exceed speed limits, including custom speed limits.
  • Location alert
    • Be notified when your vehicles arrive at or leave a geofenced location.
  • Input alert (critical engine alert)
    • Receive a notification when connected accessories such as switches or relays change the state of digital inputs on your Fleetpin GPS tracking device.

There are many add-ons to choose from, and not all could suit your specific needs, so you are free to decide what you want to pay for, and what you don’t. Fleetpin is driven to make our system a tool, not an added cost – especially not a loss! But we are confident that by selecting add-ons that suit your needs, you will be running more efficiently, thus, saving on potential losses. For example, our anti-theft / anti-tamper alert has proven to be extremely beneficial for machinery and high value assets that are often left sitting unattended, such as small excavators and Bobcats. SOS alerts have been ideal for staff operating alone for social services and other lone worker situations, Fleetpin also has a remote button available that works away from the vehicle, and using our satellite GPS devices means the SOS alert works even when out of cell phone coverage. If you want to learn more or discuss particular add-ons to suit your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support or Sales team.

Fleetpin can’t wait to release additional add-ons and features to assist our customers, we have more up our sleeves soon to come. As always, we love to hear feedback and of course for any queries or questions please contact us. For now, happy tracking!