Time-Based Alerts have Arrived

Time-Based Alerts are the newest add-ons to join the Fleetpin Health & Safety Suite. With both Curfew Alerts and Stopped Alerts, these add-ons can further enhance your businesses health and safety strategy, while simplifying how you keep track of your staff and their wellbeing. Let’s break these alerts down to understand what they do and how your business can benefit from them.

Curfew Alert

The Curfew Alert is perfect for businesses with solo workers or employees visiting uncertain or potentially unsafe environments. The curfew alert is set up to notify the nominated receiver that the employee has or hasn’t returned to a set location by a set time (these alert settings are customisable). For example, a notification will be triggered if a service technician who has been working on their own for the afternoon hasn’t reached base by the end of the day, allowing management to check-in with the staff member and ensure they’re safe.

Stopped Alert

The Stopped Alert will trigger a notification when a vehicle has remained stationary or has had the key switched/powered off for an extended period of time. For many businesses, it could be deemed unusual for a vehicle to be stopped for more than a certain duration, for example an employee delivering and installing an appliance could be anticipated to take no more than 45 minutes, but if the vehicle has been stopped for longer it could indicate an incident where the employee needs help but is unable to request or seek assistance. The notification triggered alerts management to check-in with the employee and ensure their safety.

A notification can also be triggered if an employee has been out of cell phone coverage for an unusually long period of time. A stockist visiting a farm out of cell phone coverage could show that they have been out for two hours, when their visit was anticipated to take just one hour. This would encourage sending another team member to check-in on the employee. Additionally, the Stopped Alert can also assist with operational efficiency, if an employee is spending too long at certain jobs.

The Time-Based Alert Add-On can be enabled via Fleetpin’s Add-On Suite, get in touch with Fleetpin’s Sales Team if you would like to learn more, or find out about the other Add-Ons Fleetpin has to offer.