10 myths about GPS tracking

GPS tracking is a modern and highly beneficial tool to businesses, however, there are many common misconceptions, fake news stories and silly assumptions about it, so we’ve decided to set the record straight by addressing some of these common misconceptions.

  1. GPS tracking isn’t necessary if you trust your employees.

It’s important to understand that the purpose of GPS tracking is not to spy on employees due to lack of trust – rather, it’s a tool to increase business efficiency. Whether a customer would like to know how far away a Service Tech is, a manager is wanting to check time spent on the job, or an employee has an accident and needs help, no time is wasted trying to find out where they are or where they have been.

  1. GPS tracking is only for larger companies.

Small businesses are who and why we started Fleetpin to begin with (10 years ago!). This is because being a small business ourselves, we understand the needs of our customers. As we have grown, our customers have grown with us. We encourage businesses of all sizes to try GPS tracking for their fleet and high-value assets.

  1. GPS tracking is too complicated.

On the contrary – Fleetpin’s ethos is to make life easier. Our user interface is simple and straightforward with key reports and metrics accessible at a glance. You can customise what add-ons you have enabled or disabled, so you only use and see what you need, and nothing you don’t. Fleetpin also provides training on how to make the most of the system, and our local customer support team is just one call away.

  1. Employees will resent GPS tracking.

If employees understand the function of GPS tracking, and that having GPS will improve efficiency and help with risk management through health and safety, they likely won’t mind implementing GPS tracking. Having GPS tracking gives the business a competitive advantage, which employees will understand the importance of. GPS tracking also makes employees’ lives more efficient; the reporting functions makes timesheets easier and more accurate, meaning that rather than focusing on admin, they can focus on the job at hand.

  1. GPS tracking is too expensive.

We have created an affordable tool with a range of options to suit your needs. With a one off payment for the GPS unit and a monthly subscription with no contract or term, we believe that GPS tracking should pay for itself. By increasing the efficiency, GPS tracking should be saving the business money. Not to mention, Fleetpin can also be used to help claim Off-Road Road User Charges. If having GPS tracking runs as a loss, we agree, there is no point having it. However, based on the feedback from all of our customers, this is very rarely the case. See our pricing here.

  1. GPS tracking is illegal.

GPS tracking is completely legal! Learn more by reading our article, Fleet Tracking: What Does the Law Say?

  1. GPS tracking requires wifi / data connection.

Fortunately, GPS requires neither wifi or your own data sim or data plan. Our devices come with a SIM card preloaded with the data required which connects to nearby cell towers. Even when the GPS device goes out of the service area, it will store the tracking data recorded until it comes back into service. Too easy!

  1. Someone could just yank out the device!

Don’t be so sure… Fleetpin’s GPS units are installed discreetly out of sight from anyone driving the vehicle or operating the machine. The GPS devices are also wired into the vehicle’s auto electronics, so it’s not just a matter of ‘yanking’ it out!

  1. The GPS device will just get damaged by the elements.

Fleetpin offers a specific device to withstand the elements. Should the device have to be installed externally, our Rugged 4G device is best suited. Popular with machinery, trucks and ATV’s, it is suitable for harsh environments and is IP Rated, meaning its waterproof.

  1. GPS tracking is a navigation tool.

This is a common misconception with GPS tracking, as ‘GPS’ is often associated with navigation systems and applications. However, a GPS Fleet Tracking System is completely different. The very basic purpose of Fleetpin’s GPS Tracking is to track a business’s fleet where each asset can be seen on a map, but fortunately, Fleetpin has so much more to offer. Taking a step further from maps and location pins, Fleetpin also assists with activity reporting, driver activity reporting, location reporting, harsh driving reporting, compliance reporting, Off-Road RUC reporting, alerts that detect events such as theft and so much more.

If you have any doubts or are unsure if Fleetpin or GPS Tracking in general is right for your business, get in touch with our team!