Avoid hefty insurance premiums and down-time with Anti-Theft & Anti-Tamper Alerts

No matter what industry you’re in, the risk of theft and damage to expensive vehicles, machinery and other high-value assets is ever-lurking, which is why having insurance is always important. However, policy holders are all too familiar with increasing premiums each time a new claim is made… Enter Fleetpin

We’re sure you’re probably pretty up to scratch with how insurance works… but what you may or may not know about is Fleetpin’s Anti-theft and Anti-tamper Alerts and their connection to high value asset recovery and insurance claims.

Here’s how;

Fleetpin’s Anti-theft and Anti-tamper Alerts alleviate the uncertainty around having your expensive assets stolen or damaged, and decrease the likelihood of having to make an insurance claim. The Anti-tamper Alert detects battery theft or any tampering that has occured with the asset’s GPS tracking device. Whereas, the Anti-theft Alert allows you to set up around-the-clock monitoring of your assets, where you can be notified via text, voice call or email if any movement or activity takes place during the scheduled hours or days that you specify. Triggering events can include:

  • Key on
  • Auxiliary input on
  • Movement
  • Speed greater than 5km/h
  • Impact
  • Tow
  • Battery disconnected

A great example of this in practice occurred with one of our customers just this month! One of our Northland based customers had a digger stolen during the night. Early the next morning, they were able to recover the digger because of the GPS tracking device they had previously installed in the digger. Their particular GPS device was programmed to our Machine Monitoring subscription, meaning, the GPS device ‘pings’ or sends its location every half hour. When the customer phoned the Fleetpin team first thing that morning, we were able to remotely reconfigure the device to show the exact up-to-date and real-time location. By seeing when and where the digger had been turned on and off in Fleetpin, we were able to help our customer track down the perpetrators, and were able to find exactly where they had transported and hidden the digger to. This meant that the customer was able to notify the Police of the exact location to recover the digger, avoid making an insurance claim (and most certainly increase his premium) and he was able to get back to business nice and quickly – another cost saving!

If you too would like to avoid hefty premiums and time off the job when the unexpected occurs, get in touch with us to find out how to get GPS going for your business or, to get our Anti-theft and Anti-tamper Alerts enabled: sales@fleetpin.co.nz.