Fleetpin and HazardCo Team Up to Improve Health and Safety

In April 2015, HazardCo became a Fleetpin customer, installing the Fleetpin GPS tracking solution on all its vehicles. HazardCo are specialists in workplace health and safety, and have developed a solution that gives business owners a simple, practical way to effectively deal with health and safety in their workplace.

Initially, the Fleetpin GPS trackers were on HazardCo vehicles only, but as HazardCo’s customers have a lot in common with Fleetpin’s customers – the construction industry, tradies and agri-businesses. That was when it occurred to us jointly that we could take our partnership to the next level, and work together to come up with a deal for HazardCo customers that would offer enhanced health and safety benefits.

Keeping track of employees and their vehicles isn’t about keeping tabs on them, it’s about knowing where they are at all times in case of emergency. This is an important consideration for HazardCo customers, who often have employees who are on remote sites, working with machinery, and often by themselves.

  • Knowing where staff are at all times means a faster response time if there’s an accident.
  • If a job is taking too long, it’s easy to find out where an employee is. HazardCo customers often work with a level of risk, and if employee hasn’t been heard from, isn’t answering their phone and is due somewhere else, GPS tracking means instant location pinpoint.
  • There’s a panic button option. If an employee pushes it, Fleetpin will text, phone and email the right people.

GPS tracking also means better risk management of vehicles – such as reducing harsh driving behaviour like fast cornering – which helps to reduce insurance costs. ACC levies can be reduced because the Fleetpin solution helps ensure better driving, meaning less accidents and work-related injuries.

Additionally, if a fleet is being managed properly, there is less wear and tear on the vehicles.

What it boils down to is that GPS tracking minimises risk to staff and to vehicles. This is something that insurance companies like to hear, since typically business vehicles are subject to abuse and increased wear and tear. Being able to mitigate those risks helps with insurance premiums.

It’s with these health and safety benefits in mind that HazardCo and Fleetpin have developed a special offer for HazardCo customers. Two of our most popular GPS tracking devices – the Rugged and the Cross-country – are available at a 12% discount of $299 + GST.

These GPS trackers are designed for all vehicle and machinery applications. The Rugged is IP67 rated (waterproof and dustproof) and they both have a 3-year manufacturer fault replacement warranty.

“HazardCo’s customers take health and safety seriously,” says Justin McCormack, Fleetpin’s Director and CEO. “So this is the perfect opportunity for them to extend that by including GPS on their vehicles.”

If you’re a HazardCo customer, and you’re keen to find out more about how GPS tracking can benefit your health and safety practices, don’t hesitate to get in touch.