Fleetpin Helping Trades and Construction Make Money

Many Kiwi businesses in trades and construction have jumped on board with Fleetpin; Our live data and gps tracking means keeping track of where your people are is easy, and it’s just as easy to generate accurate timesheets and invoices as well as keep up-to-date with vehicle maintenance and the health and safety of your people and assets.

With any business though, the decision to outsource or enlist yet another supplier most definitely always comes down to the cost-benefit questions; how much will it cost, can we afford it, will we be tied into a contract, is it right for us and will the benefits really outweigh the cost?

The easiest way to learn how Fleetpin could be beneficial to your business is to see how other businesses use Fleetpin and of course, to give it a go for yourself!

Construct Civil have over 50 years of experience in providing project management and all aspects of utility service needs and requirements. Construct Civil chose Fleetpin for it’s reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Best of all, they’re confident that Fleetpin pays for itself in saving them time and money across their entire fleet.

We think Fleetpin speaks for itself, and everything we do as a business must align to one simple mission: Fleetpin must be a benefit to its customers and not a cost.

We take pride in our ‘no strings attached’ way of doing business and our gold standard customer service and support, giving you the ability to pause, stop and activate your subscription at any time.

If you’re still on the fence or struggling to understand how Fleetpin can be beneficial to your business, we have a skilled team that can take you through a 15 demo of Fleetpin’s User Interface and get you started on a free no-obligation trial. Get Started online here or, get in touch with our team here.