Getting bang for your buck on Off-Road RUC

Every time your vehicle’s journey through parking lots, across paddocks, or down long driveways, they’re accumulating off-road mileage that you could claim money back on – you’ll be surprised how much it adds up. The best part? You can claim back up to two years, sounds like a no-brainer… However, we know trying to track off-road activity sounds like a grinding task – that’s where Fleetpin comes in.

Fleetpin’s RUC Off-Road Report is included with all standard subscriptions and allows you to report on your vehicle’s off-road activity. With this feature, you gain insights into your off-road usage, verify trips, view your estimated refund, and access a convenient button that takes you straight to purchase RUC.

Once you’ve verified your trips, you’ll need to fill out your application for Waka Kotaki (NZTA) to receive your refund. We’ve recognised that when you have a fleet of vehicles, this can be a very time consuming and manual process. That’s why we have built our add-on RUCOR Advanced.

‘RUCOR’ simply stands for Road User Charges Off-Road, and this add-on is your ticket to streamlining the refund process. By enabling RUCOR Advanced, you can automatically generate the PDF application pre-filled with all the necessary information and submit it directly to Waka Kotahi without leaving Fleetpin. Easy as!

Reducing the admin time makes claiming your Off-Road RUC all the more worthwhile, and many of our customers are blown away by the return they’re receiving, you shouldn’t miss out on yours.

Hear it from our customer, Rick, at Persson Earthworks; “RUCOR Advanced made it super simple, and being a small business saving on admin time is really important to us.”

If you’re ready to eliminate the long, tedious process of manually filling out RUCOR claims, let Fleetpin do the heavy lifting for you. Get in touch with us today to start getting your refund on off-road RUC.