Road Safety Week 2023: Insights from Fleetpin

Road Safety Week in New Zealand is an annual event dedicated to raising awareness and promoting safe driving practices. With the aim of reducing road accidents and improving driver behaviour, this week-long campaign highlights the significance of road safety for all road users. By leveraging technology and promoting responsible driver behaviour, Fleetpin contributes to a safer and more secure driving environment, whilst also improving efficiency and unnecessary wear and tear on company vehicles.

Real-Time Monitoring for Improved Driver Behaviour

Fleetpin offers real-time monitoring of vehicles, providing fleet managers and drivers with valuable insights into driver behaviour when paired with the Harsh Driving report. This feature helps to identify and address areas of improvement such as speeding, harsh acceleration or cornering, and sudden braking. By tracking these behaviours, Fleetpin enables fleet managers to provide timely feedback and training to drivers.

In-cab Driver Alerts

Fleetpin also offers visual and/or audio in-cab alerts when a driver has breached a safe driving threshold, such as overspeeding or harsh braking. We recommend audio over visual for the purpose of reducing visual distractions that take drivers’ eyes away from the road ahead. Did you know that while driving 100km/h a vehicle is travelling at approximately 28 metres every second – and on average, a driver’s perception and reaction time is 1.5 – 2.5 seconds, so before a driver even reacts to a hazard they travel 42 – 70 metres. Reducing the time spent looking away from the road ahead is critical.

Compliance Reminders

Safe driving encompasses not only responsible behaviour on the road, but also well-maintained vehicles. Fleetpin facilitates proactive maintenance by providing automated reminders for regular services and WoF/CoF. By ensuring that vehicles are in optimal condition, fleet managers can reduce the chances of breakdowns and malfunctions that may compromise road safety, and result in extra costs and downtime.

Every week should be Road Safety Week, but the campaign acts as an excellent reminder to implement processes to keep your drivers and others on the road safe. Through our comprehensive features and data-driven approach, Fleetpin can contribute to the reduction of your business’ road accidents and foster responsible driving habits. 

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