Taking steps towards Smart Farming

Smart Farming, also known as precision agriculture, is an advanced farming system that uses technology like artificial intelligence and location data to optimise crop production and improve farm efficiency (we don’t mean robot cows!).

One key goal of Smart Farming is to help agribusinesses make informed decisions about when to plant, fertilise, irrigate, and harvest their crops, which can be achieved by using real-time data and predictive analytics, while also minimising the use of excess resources. Using the technology on offer enables agribusinesses to effectively monitor their farms, produce, livestock, and people, with the ability to respond to issues in a timely manner.

GPS tracking and fleet management play an important role in Smart Farming. GPS tracking enables farm managers to track the location and movement of their vehicles, equipment and staff in real-time. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity by optimising routes, reducing idle time, and minimising fuel consumption. Fleet management software can also assist with staying on top of maintenance, monitoring driver behaviour, and overall managing their workforce more effectively. All of this works towards improving safety, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity.

Fruitometry is an excellent example of a business utilising advanced technology to enhance how their customers manage their orchards and make confident decisions. Fruitometry is the world’s first commercial Digital Crop Estimation service for Kiwifruit, using AI powered machine vision and powerful GPS computers to scan orchards and produce density maps and reports. Fruitometry also uses Fleetpin’s GPS tracking system to escalate their health and safety procedures. They have full visibility of the locations of their Field Units and Transporters in Fleetpin’s user-interface, using Compliance Reminders, Overspeed Alerts and Utilisation reporting to manage their assets and people. Fruitometry also uses Safetrax, Fleetpin’s roll over safety system, which alerts the operator if they are near rolling, or sends an alert if they have rolled. It is also fitted with an SOS button accessible by the driver/operator to call for help should there be an accident (read more about Fruitometry here).

Dairy Holdings is another example of an agribusiness taking advantage of technology on offer. Dairy Holdings have installed over 100 of Fleetpin’s devices across their fleet of quads and motorbikes, along with Safetrax, which is critical particularly for their farms with more uneven terrain in the Deep South. They have also integrated their GIS mapping into Fleetpin to be able to receive alerts when employees or contractors enter steep, restricted areas (read more about Dairy Holdings here).

Fleetpin has a number of features to contribute to Smart Farming procedures, including our newest feature Custom Inputs. Custom Inputs allows farm managers to track various types of asset activity beyond just the key or engine. This includes but is not limited to sprayers, PTO’s and irrigators, it is useful for providing proof of placement and recording hours for secondary attachments.

As technology advances and new innovations emerge, it is likely we will see even more exciting developments in this area. For now, GPS tracking is a straightforward technology to implement across your farms and orchards with undeniable benefits towards efficiency and safety. Get in touch to learn more about how Fleetpin can help your business, and propel you into the realm of Smart Farming.