User-friendly GPS Technology a Time and Cost Saver for Tradies – Expert Installer

Since he was 15 years old, Anthony Gwatkin has been working with cars. For nearly 20 years, he’s been installing after-market technology of all kinds into all makes and models of vehicles – GPS, Bluetooth, reverse cameras, stereos, alarm systems – as well as resolving issues on factory-fitted parts.

Anthony heard about Fleetpin technology through a colleague who was a builder. After installing Fleetpin GPS in those business vehicles, he was impressed with the reliability and ease-of-use. “It’s user-friendly technology that’s a real time and money saver for Christchurch tradies,” Anthony explains. “So I carried on doing Fleetpin installs.”

Bringing the fleetpin solution to blackwells

When Anthony made the move to Blackwells early in 2018, they didn’t have a GPS solution. He took the opportunity to introduce them to Fleetpin, with the recommendation that it was the right technology for Blackwells vehicles. Mazda, Isuzu and Holden are the main brands of Blackwells, and Fleetpin technology can be – and has been – installed in all of them.

“Fleetpin has been designed and developed in New Zealand, so you’re talking directly to the people who created it,” Anthony says. “It made sense to bring them on board with Blackwells, especially for their business customers.”

What Blackwells is now able to offer to their fleet customers – mostly tradies such as builders, plumbers and electricians – is a one-stop-shop for not only the vehicle, but the after-market technology, including Fleetpin. This is at the heart of what Anthony does – and has always done. With nearly 20 years’ experience in installing vehicle technology, what Anthony brings to the customer of Blackwells is a mobile installer technician.

“I set everything up – such as all the alerts – when I install Fleetpin,” Anthony explains. “All the customer needs to do is log in. Everything’s done – it’s good to go. And I can walk them through how to use it and provide demonstrations.”

Mobile technology installer – direct to the customer

The technology can be installed when the vehicle is sold from Blackwells, so that when the customer picks it up, it’s ready to go. And while that makes up a chunk of what Anthony does, he’s mainly on the road, going to the customers instead of them having to bring a vehicle in. “It means they don’t have to pull the vehicle off the road for a day,” he explains. “I just show up onsite and install any technology that needs it, and it’s ready for work.”

Although problems are rare, if the vehicle has been purchased from Blackwells and there is an issue with the technology, Anthony is the go-to person. “If they’ve bought it from us, I leave them a card and tell them to call me first if there’s any problem,” he says. “I’ll usually be able to diagnose the issue and provide Fleetpin with the details they need to resolve it. Often though, I can just head out to their site and get it sorted then and there.”

For customers, this not only reduces the amount of time a vehicle might be off the road, but also stress since Anthony’s the person they deal with on the phone, and the one who arrives on site to resolve the problem.

Aside from the ease-of-use and reliability, Anthony notes several other benefits of Fleetpin and having it installed on-site:

  • GPS technology saves time and money. It helps tradies to run their business more efficiently, and it increases productivity.
  • The technology comes with a lifetime warranty, so although problems are rare, Anthony will be there to sort them out if they do occur.
  • Reminders mean business owners won’t risk out-of-date licensing, WOFs or servicing.

Find out more about Blackwells www.blackwells.co.nz or contact Anthony direct on 021-564-899

The Fleetpin GPS Solution

It’s designed for businesses on the move. It’s fast, intuitive and easy to use, so business owners can keep track of their vehicles, machinery and other business equipment. It makes the working lives of business owners and their employees much easier, saving time and money as well as increasing efficiency. Staff don’t have to waste time trying to remember how long they were on a job, or how long it took them to get there. The data is instantly available to them wherever they are, via their smartphone. It makes time management so much easier, and frees them up to focus on their actual job.

If you’d like to find out more about how Fleetpin technology could benefit your business, your vehicles and your employees, get in touch with us for a chat.