Leave the Admin to Fleetpin

The factors that make an office a well-oiled machine include having a cohesive team, well-established systems, and easy access to relevant information. In cases where staff are transporting goods, operating machinery, or renting equipment across multiple job sites, GPS tracking data can be an invaluable source of information for your office team. This data can help streamline operations and improve decision-making, making it a must-have tool for administrative tasks.

Real-time tracking

Fleetpin allows you to view your assets and employee activity and location in real–time, there are several scenarios in which this data is extremely useful. For example, allocating jobs based on who is nearby, having the ability to advise a customer on how far away an employee is from the next job, and determining which machinery and equipment is where in order to pick up and transport efficiently to the next job.

Job sheets, payroll, and accountability

Using Fleetpin, sorting timesheets for payroll has never been easier. Staff can access their Activity Report to accurately fill in their timesheets, or accounts can use the report to verify timesheets. The hours and distance traveled are all verifiable for the customer if needed. Activity Reports can also help with ensuring accountability, for example if a customer is saying that an employee didn’t arrive on time, it is easy to settle the dispute. An employee’s or machines productivity can also be determined with our purpose built Utilisation Report, for example, we can connect a productivity sensor to an digger boom that will show the hours that the machine is actually moving dirt versus the total engine time. In addition we have added extra inputs to Fleetpin to allow customers to be able to accurately charge out auxiliary systems or prove placement of products.


Accurately keep track of your assets on hire to ensure you’re not lowballing your invoices. Fleetpin will tell you at a glance the total hours spent on a job site, the mileage to the job site, the driver’s hours, number of days on hire, and the total hours the vehicle/machine was in use. Fleetpin is essential for accurate billing for Dempsey Wood.

Fleet Maintenance 

We don’t need to tell you that efficiently maintaining a large fleet of vehicles or machines is hard ask – but not for our customers. Fleetpin offers compliance reminders (via email and the user interface) and a report that allows for a comprehensive view of which vehicles/machines require services, WoF’s, regos, and more. Even better, we have made it so that you can add custom service reminders and reporting for such things as second engines, tyres, different oil changes and service types.

Having GPS devices installed in your company vehicles and machines can provide you with a great deal of useful information to help with your business operations and support your busy administration staff. Fleetpin is easy to use, allows multiple users and has a suite of reports that will support your admin team with their day-to-day tasks.

BCG GROUP chose Fleetpin because of how easy it is to use; “simple and user-friendly, you can look up whatever you want, when you want, at the touch of a button”, shares Practice Manager, Natalie Ferguson, who calls Fleetpin a “godsend”.

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