BCG GROUP / BCG CONSTRUCTION is a family owned New Zealand business specialising in building solutions for residential construction, subdivisions and development, including the design and build of new homes in the Auckland region. BCG Group’s team are experienced and praised for their high standard of work and attention to detail. The business strives to build long term relationships with customers while integrating honesty, integrity and ethics into all aspects of their business operations. Health and safety is of paramount importance to BCG Group, playing a vital role in their day-to-day operations – and implementing Fleetpin’s GPS tracking system helps them to achieve many aspects of this.

Tracking View

BCG use Fleetpin’s tracking view to pinpoint where their staff and fleet are across Auckland, for example, a member of the public on the Western motorway called BCG to alert them that one of their Ute’s had their tray down while driving, and they were able to immediately identify which vehicle this was and alert the driver.


The Overspeed report assists in confirming public complaints of BCG’s drivers speeding, while also determining which employees need to be reminded to improve their driving. Using Fleetpin in this way not only works towards enhancing Health and Safety measures, but also in maintaining the integrity of the company. BCG also relies on Fleetpin’s Activity report to monitor that their vehicles aren’t being used by staff for personal use. These reports are often printed and presented at team meetings.

Compliance Reminders

BCG have set up compliance reminders to monitor service, rego and WoFs across their fleet. This not only benefits administration, but also reduces the risk of facing fines and ensures driver safety – especially across a large fleet.

BCG GROUP / BCG CONSTRUCTION chose Fleetpin because of how easy it is to use; “simple and user-friendly, you can look up whatever you want, when you want, at the touch of a button”, shares Practice Manager, Natalie Ferguson, who calls Fleetpin a “godsend”.