Reduce emissions, maximise profit

In a world where environmental consciousness is now at the forefront, businesses are actively searching for innovative solutions to minimise their carbon footprint. By increasing efficiency and reducing fuel consumption, Fleetpin offers a promising way to enhance the way you operate your fleet. In this blog, we will explore the practical benefits and sustainable advantages that Fleetpin brings to your business.

Reduce idling with Utilisation Reports

Excessive idling of vehicles and machines not only results in fuel wastage and increased engine wear, but also contributes to unnecessary CO2 emissions. With Fleetpin’s Utilisation Reports, businesses gain the ability to monitor and assess how productive their machines and vehicles are. An idling machine or vehicle is unproductive and emitting unwanted CO2 emissions, which underscores the importance of minimising idling.

By leveraging Fleetpin’s Utilisation Reports, equipped with an intuitive dashboard, customers can swiftly identify unproductive assets and take proactive measures to address the issue, improving bottom line at the same time as reducing CO2 emissions.

Monitor speed/acceleration with Overspeed and Harsh Driving Reports

Excessive speeding and reckless driving not only pose risks to road safety, but could also increase insurance costs, down-time, wear and tear on vehicles, maintenance expenses, and fuel consumption. In short, reducing the unnecessary reckless driver behaviour increases the bottom line and automatically reduces the amplified CO2 emissions.

With Fleetpin’s Overspeed and Harsh Driving Reports, customers gain valuable insights into driver behaviour, facilitating effective management of driver conduct. To further support driver behaviour improvement, Fleetpin offers in-cab visual and/or audio alerts for harsh driving instances.

Customers report back to us that using both the report and in-cab driver alerts automatically reduces reckless driving behaviour, it’s no wonder this is the our most widely used Add-On. According to the AA, reducing the speed from 110km/h to 100km/h can result in a 10% reduction in fuel costs. By addressing these issues through driver training and incentives, businesses can substantially lower fuel consumption, minimise emissions, and create safer roads for everyone.

Ensure vehicle maintenance with Compliance Reminders

Regular vehicle maintenance is vital for optimal performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions control. Fleetpin’s Compliance Reminders enable fleet managers to stay on top of scheduled maintenance tasks, ensuring that vehicles are in peak condition. According to AA, a well-maintained vehicle uses 20% less fuel when compared to a poorly maintained one. By proactively maintaining vehicles and promptly addressing any mechanical issues, businesses can enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Optimise trip planning with Tracking and Live Traffic Map Filters

Efficient trip planning not only saves time but also reduces fuel consumption and emissions. Fleetpin’s Tracking View and Live Traffic Map Filters allow fleet managers to plan routes that minimise congestion and optimise fuel efficiency. By leveraging real-time traffic data and mapping tools, businesses can make informed decisions that result in reduced fuel consumption and emissions, all while ensuring timely deliveries and satisfied customers. iDeliver is an example of a business that is leveraging these features in order to decide who to give jobs to as they come in, based on their location.

By addressing idling, monitoring speed and acceleration, ensuring vehicle maintenance, and optimising trip planning, Fleetpin helps businesses to make significant strides in reducing their carbon footprint while increasing their bottom line.