Under the Hood: Fleetpin’s Latest Core Upgrade

Imagine your favourite sports car – the sleek exterior might catch your eye, but it’s the careful maintenance under the hood that ensures its top-notch performance. At Fleetpin, we see our software system in a similar light. We’ve been working hard for the past 10 years to make sure our engine, the core of our system, stays reliable and speedy.

While we’re always excited to introduce exciting new features, our dedication to improving the core of our system remains one of our top priorities. Our latest tune-up focuses on making things faster, more accurate, and reliable.

Faster Processing:

Fleetpin’s core services now process live GPS data on average 8 times faster, reducing delay between your fleet and what you see on our app!


We’ve improved the precision of addresses by adding additional datasets into our processing system. This also means better off-road detection to help you claim back more RUCOR (Road User Charges Off-Road, learn more here).


We have also made other changes that means you will experience fewer delays and faster recovery during telecommunication outages, providing peace of mind to our users.

We want our customers to rest assured that we’ll always continue to prioritise the stability and performance of our system, all while innovating and creating awesome new value-added features. Keep your eyes peeled in 2024! We value our customers’ feedback, making our system the best of the best.