BDR Security, a New Zealand-based security solutions provider, focuses on delivering reliable services and leveraging contemporary technologies. Known for their professionalism, BDR Security has gained trust as a reputable partner in the security industry.

In the pursuit of operational efficiency, BDR Security identified the need for a practical solution to enhance accountability and streamline service processes. The decision to adopt a GPS tracking system was based on BDR Security’s goals of fostering accountability, ensuring accurate invoicing, and optimising service scheduling. With a positive past experience, BDR Security chose Fleetpin based on a team member’s recommendation from a previous engagement.

Key Features of Fleetpin for BDR Security:

Service, WOF, and RUC Reminders

Fleetpin’s reminders ensure vehicle maintenance compliance, minimising breakdowns and improving operational efficiency.

Location Tracking

Real-time tracking allows BDR Security to monitor fleet movements, facilitating improved service coordination and scheduling.

Engine Time Monitoring

Tracking engine time aids in efficient maintenance scheduling, minimising downtime and ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

Taking Action with Fleetpin

When General Manager Dave Barlow returned to work after the Christmas break, he noticed his scissor hoist had been stolen from the premises.

Example of a Scissor Hoist.

Fleetpin played a vital role in its recovery, with real-time location tracking enabling a swift recovery while detailed tracking history assisted in identifying the perpetrators through CCTV footage. The thieves had their number plate covered when they stole the asset, but not when they had come a few days before to scope out the place – sly but not sly enough!

Dave emphasises Fleetpin’s value, “another example of Fleetpin paying for itself.” This incident underscored Fleetpin’s role not just in operational efficiency but also in asset recovery and security enhancement.

BDR Security’s successful integration of Fleetpin showcases the tangible benefits of utilising a reliable GPS tracking system, contributing to their commitment to operational excellence in the security industry.