Bentley Coachlines

One of Christchurch’s largest locally owned bus companies, Bentley Coachlines clients praise them for their professional and friendly service. Manager Liam Bentley emphasises the importance of building relationships with clients, which results in many loyal, repeat customers. Not only does Bentley Coachlines strive to build good relationships with their clients, but also between their team, which for them makes a massive difference. “It makes business more fun, with a bit of banter” shares Liam.

Bentley Coachlines initially wanted GPS tracking for their charter buses, not for the purpose of being a ‘Big Brother’ to their drivers, but rather to be able to let a customer know where their bus is, or if there is a breakdown to identify other buses that may be nearby. Since starting school runs at the beginning of 2022, they’ve implemented Fleetpin on the school runs to allow the kids to track where the buses are so they know when to walk to the bus stop. One of the handiest Fleetpin tools that Bentley Coachlines takes advantage of is the battery/voltage feature, which is useful for when a bus may be parked up for a couple of days, allowing them to easily check that it isn’t flat before the next driver goes to use it.

Bentley Coachlines shared that they also enjoy being able to claim back their off-road RUC, as  a few of their trips involve off-road usage such as the Lyttleton Port. This is a great saving for their business money, and they find Fleetpin’s RUCOR report easy to use.

Liam discusses why Bentley Coachlines has always stuck with Fleetpin for their GPS tracking needs, despite being approached by other providers.

While Fleetpin has good pricing and a reliable system, Fleetpin’s got to be one of the best as far as customer service. It’s nice to be able to talk to someone who is in New Zealand, better yet Christchurch, and pop in to visit, or the guys that will respond after hours, and it’s always very quick… Todd has responded to a couple of our emails, so if the ‘Big Boss’ is sending customer service emails, it’s pretty good”.