National Hood and Duct Cleaning

National Hood and Duct Cleaning provide commercial kitchen extraction cleaning services, priding themselves on their reliability, quality and solid customer service. They are IQP registered and follow the international ‘best practice’ industry standards. We caught up with Christina Cortesi, National Hood and Duct Cleaning’s Operations Manager. National Hood and Duct Cleaning had previously implemented a GPS tracking service from another provider, but decided it was time to begin moving their fleet across to Fleetpin.

“Fleetpin doesn’t have contracts, so it just has that full transparency and flexibility to add additional units or remove units, the interface and software is also a lot more user friendly”, says Christina, when drawing a comparison between Fleetpin and their previous GPS tracking provider. National Hood and Duct Cleaning are a relationship-driven business, they like being able to deal with real people rather than going through multiple channels to get support, Christina says that this is achieved with Fleetpin.

National Hood and Duct Cleaning mainly use Fleetpin’s activity reporting feature. This is ideal for them from a health and safety perspective, as some of their team have to work night shifts, so it’s great to be able to check in on them and make sure they’re at the right place, at the right time. It also helps to be transparent with their customers and show them arrival time and dispatch times.

They also make use of Fleetpin’s utilisation report, delving into inefficiencies such as their drivers’ idle times, “we can see idling time a lot clearer [than with our previous provider], so we can actually see when people may just be sitting in the vehicle and not being productive. Not to be a Big Brother, but it points out where we can improve”.