Ruts Plus

Ruts Plus, a contracting business that specialises in filling irrigation pivot ruts, has revolutionised the industry with their innovative product and service. Recently, they were recognised at the South Island Agricultural Fieldays being runner up for the Agri-Innovation Award. In addition to their unique solution, they use Fleetpin  to optimise their operations.

Rodger, the owner of Ruts Plus, spent three full-time years developing their grading machines, which does a better job than any other method of filling in ruts, and is about 90% cheaper. The machines are designed to penetrate through grass and soil, cutting out the sidewalls of the pivot rut and pulling in sods of the existing grass root structure. These sods are then planted back into the pivot rut, and the farmer can follow behind with their own tractor to wheel pack the windrowed material. This process results in no depressions or bare grass on either side of the wheel track, and it does not require any additional material to be brought in.

Ruts Plus currently has six machines running five days a week. The idea behind the product was to develop a machine that did a better job than any other form of filling in the ruts.These ruts can be difficult to see, especially at night, and become a serious hazard to farm workers, therefore filling them is crucial.

Ruts Plus uses Fleetpin to monitor the machines and their contractors for health and safety. GPS tracking allows the company to track the machines’ location, monitor their fuel usage, and ensure that they are operating at optimal efficiency. The system also enables Ruts Plus to provide their clients with accurate billing information, ensuring that they only pay for the services they receive.

To summarise, Ruts Plus has made a significant impact on the irrigation industry with their innovative solution for filling in pivot ruts.The company stood out and earned recognition at the South Island Agricultural Fieldays, and Fleetpin is proud to be associated with a business that values innovation and quality service.