Looking back at 2022 with Fleetpin

2022 is nearly done and dusted! After a whirlwind of a year, we are proud of the strides Fleetpin GPS Tracking has made this year, all thanks to our great team of people and customers whose success is what keeps us moving forward.

This year, Fleetpin GPS Tracking released the Harsh Driving report, which ranks driver behaviour, and Driver ID, which allows drivers to sign in and out using the mobile app or RFID tag. These are part of the Add-On Suite, which now enables customers to manage add-ons and alerts. The suite also includes new features such as Unauthorised Use Alert, Time Based Alerts, and the soon-to-be-released free Low Battery Alerts (watch this space!). Fleetpin has also expanded its SOS Alert feature with lone-worker remote buttons that can be used in and out of vehicles/machinery. In addition, the team has made developments to the backend to improve speed and reliability, as well as upgrades to the mobile app. We are also very pleased that this year over 200 more accounts migrated from Fleetpin Version 1 to Version 2, now getting to experience and utilise Fleetpin’s best features and ongoing improvements that Version 2 has to offer. If you would like to migrate to Version 2 at no extra cost, get in touch!

In 2022, we also made improvements to Safetrax; Fleetpin’s GPS rollover safety system, it has positively impacted many of our customers. Our customer Mainland Spreading saw success this year when their health and safety measures were recognised by the National Ground Spreaders Association. Kylie Stenton accepted the ‘Graymont Health & Safety Award’, “Safetrax is now an important part of our business operations and our health and safety plan. Safetrax was New Zealand’s first true GPS rollover safety system, and has become an integral part of Mainland Spreading’s Work Alone policy”. We are proud to be able to provide a true rollover system to so many of our customers working in dangerous situations.

We are also proud to have continued assisting with theft recoveries this year. An example of this more recently is from Total Traffic Management when their Ute was stolen, they used Fleetpin to track its location and recover it, avoiding major costs and downtime. Fleetpin has also continued to help our customers increase efficiencies with features that are available free of charge across all subscriptions, including compliance reminders, overspeed reporting, geofencing, activity reporting and off-road RUC reporting.

This year our Marketing Team also upped their game, giving Fleetpin’s website an all new look, we are very proud of it! Our new website better represents where we are as a business, and provides specific information to the major sectors, as well as some more niche businesses. Fleetpin also collaborated more with our customers this year, which was excellent – we like to put our customer’s names out there and work together as partners. The Marketing Team put together case studies across all of the sectors on our website, “I loved having the opportunity to talk to our customers, and hear what they like about Fleetpin GPS Tracking and share where they think we can improve”, says Tegwyn, Fleetpin’s Marketing & Sales Coordinator. We were also lucky to have our team meet some of our customers in person, with Khalil Alboutros from Dempsey Wood and Jane Fowles from Dairy Holdings visiting our Christchurch office to talk at our Team Training Days. We welcome any customers who would like to do a presentation as it’s excellent when our whole team can fully understand your business and better cater to your needs.

Lastly, we welcomed a few fresh faces this year; Ryan and Teresa in Customer Success, Tegwyn in Sales & Marketing, and more recently Joe in the Development Team. We are stoked to have more great people on board contributing to Fleetpin’s efforts to help our customers.

In 2023, we have all new goals to achieve and exciting features to rollout. You can look forward to automated scheduled reporting, multiple Input Reports to monitor productivity and proof of placement, emailed reminders (such as WOF, Rego, and RUC), Service and Repair log and reporting, Pre-Start Checklists and much more. Our team has a lot in store for our customers in 2023, and we look forward to working with you all again, building features to cater to your business needs in the new year.